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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Been both a quiet and yet busy week, will post more later but wanted to jot a couple of notes.

Note 1: For those who follow my blog via some type of reader, I have changed the format to a short rather than full which means you will have to click the title to read the rest of the entry (at least that's how it works in Google Reader). While I realize that isn't as convenient, it's the only way you will ever see my entire website. Since I use Google ads and a couple of affiliate programs to help finance the cost of maintaining my websites, if no one sees those ads, they can't click them. So, I apologize for the slight inconvenience but do appreciate those who check out the featured ads.

Note 2: Worrying about keeping mice out of your RV (&/or car) during these winter months. I've read many different remedies and we all know that bait/traps work but prefer something that doesn't require having poison around or handling dead rodents. One remedy I had seen mentioned several times was peppermint oil. In my RVing Riders forum, I mentioned that to someone who was looking for winterizing tips. Another reader decided to give it a try and has been posting to let us know that it appears to be working. Check it out here.

Note 3: I've got company! I've been corresponding for several months with another full-timer who also rides a BMW (with a sidecar for his pup, Spirit). We had hoped to meet in Big Bend but I never made it that far. He is heading back east to spend some time with his mother who is flying in from Germany for a month's visit but his route was taking him along the coast, several hundred miles from my campground. Two days ago I get a phone call and he's decided to re-route (don't you just love setting your plans in JELL-O, I'm still working on that but am getting a little better) and going to come this way for a visit. I will post another blog with more details and are a couple I snapped when we took Spirit for a walk yesterday as well as one taken this morning as they headed off for a ride (click for larger photos).

Be sure to check out his blog, The Oasis of My Soul, for a feast of photos and an outlook on life that I hope to emulate even a little bit. He is truly my hero and now a good friend.

Note 4: I've been fighting what I thought was a cold but have decided is actually allergies. I still get the sore throat from time to time, sniffles & sneezing off & on as well as headaches. All seem to be worse after being outdoors for a bit so thus the final deduction - allergies. UGH! We'll see what happens when I leave the area and travel through NM to AZ, where I will spend most of my time until spring.

Note 5: I hope everyone is getting ready for a wonderful New Year. As some of you know, New Year's Eve is always a bittersweet time for me. This would have been my 22nd anniversary. A special date no matter how I spend it.

Till next time - keep on rollin',


  1. I know what you mean about should have been anniversaries. The 9th should have been Annie & my 40th and the 20th should have been her 65th birthday. I guess those days will always be bittersweet for us.

    New Year's Eve Pat and I will be going about a block away to a neighbor's house to attend the annual party for the Singles Club here in our park. We were still single last year but have now been married since April 28th. The group considers us alumnae and has asked us to attend this and other get-togethers. They are all still friends so it does fit. Sort of.

    Happy New Year to you and keep on keeping on. You are doing marvelously!

  2. Ditto on the anniversary thing. The 27th would have been 30 years for my late husband and I. Thank heaven for Al.
    You're not alone out there!

  3. Hi Donna, don't let this discourage you but I have allergies, I think, from the dust here in Arizona. My eyes are blurry and watery most of the time.


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