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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Reporting in from the Wal-Mart parking lot in Hope, AR - the hometown of Bill Clinton. Been an interesting a late start after gabbing with the campground hosts, my just moved in yesterday British lady duo and another couple who are camp hosts in training. (I am SOOO bad with names....going out on a limb here, the camp hosts were Kris & Jim and the trainees were Wanda & Wallace). I passed out my card to everyone, asking them to keep in touch.

So it was at least noon before I left the campground....forgot to write the time and my starting mileage. But I did remember everything else...I think....LOL! Anyway, I had almost 3/4 tank of gas, the sun was trying to peek between the clouds as I started out. I headed south on Hwy 65 which switches between four lane divided highway and two lane. It winds up, down and around the mountains in southern MO and northern AR....would have been awesome on the motorcycle but in the RV I took my time, pulling over to let others pass when possible.

I'd forgotten the sore neck, tight arms and hurting hands that come with 5+ hours of driving, I was quickly reminded as the first hour or so was quite windy. While my suspension upgrades have virtually eliminated my side to side sway, there isn't much that can be done for the nice broadside we RVers present to the wind.

The road got really rough around Little Rock....rough enough that I worried about what might be happening to the motorcycle in the trailer. I had to drop speed to decrease the feeling of being shook completely apart. Egad but I hate rough rider roads like that....

Stopped and got gas....stopped an ate....was making decent time but I knew it would be dark before I got here to Hope. I had to make one more gas stop or I would be in jeopardy of the generator not working. Pulled into a Love's, already dark now, and if there had been decent parking would have stayed there. No room so headed the next few miles south to Wally World.

This is where it got interesting....once again Microsoft Streets & Trips turned me the wrong way. I guess I really need to upgrade tot he newest version. Anyway, I turned around in an empty parking lot and then saw a Waffle House beside a strip mall. I pulled in fully intending to pull through into the strip mall after getting directions. NOT!!! No way through unless I was driving a four wheel drive vehicle...

So I made a rather feeble and quite humbling attempt to back up the trailer to turn around. After several minutes and several tries, I had the trailer completely jack-knifed. Shut it off, went inside and got quick directions from the waitresses (just had to continue back the way I came...but past the Interstate). Then proceeded to ask in a loud voice if there was anyone in there capable of backing up a trailer. Several blank looks, then one waitress pointed outside and said he can, if you want me to ask him.

We both walked outside and explained the situation. Really nice guy, looked over the situation, climbed in and within 2 minutes had it aiming back out for me. He loved the backup monitor...

I managed to find the Wal-Mart, not the best situation. The parking lot is under construction and less than half of it is open. There is a low clearance barrier, which I cleared easily and a no semi's sign. I pulled in and stopped in the very front, along the side. This is the furthest away from the entrance and no one wants to park here. I'm under construction security lights which I like.

I went inside, grabbed a cart and headed to customer service where I asked if I could stay, telling her I was parked out of the way and would be leaving early in the morning. No problem! I picked up a few food items that I needed, another bottle of Protect-All so I can clean up the trailer as well as the RV, new valve caps (just cheap plastic ones) since mine are shot, 12 volt light bulbs so I could replace one that had burned out, a couple of books and a spare 30 to 15 amp adapter that was on clearance.

So, will head to bed in another hour or so and be on my way in the morning. Plans are to make it all the way to Livingston....just hope they have a pull-through spot open or else I'll be asking for help backing up again! LOL!

The strangest part of the day was constantly missing BoBo....I've never traveled in it without him.....

Till next time - keep on rollin',


  1. Donna,

    You passed right by me. When you went from 65 to I 40 at Conway, AR you were about 3 miles from me!! If ever that far south in Arkansas again, I would opt for Arkadelphia, Malvern or Texarkana to boondock.

    Safe travels.

  2. You will get better backing the trailer with more practice. At least you can back it up, unlike a tow car flat towed with tow bars.

    I had Huggy along on my last Snowbird trip but it was not at all the same without Annie. No where near as much fun.


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