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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Just a quick check-in for those who follow the blog and might otherwise worry. I'm at Camping World in New Braunfels....very nice folks here. I'm getting new tires (now THAT is a major expense, let me tell you) as well as getting the bearings in the trailer greased and turns out, in the front of the RV as well. They are also switching out the trailer hitch for me, hoping that levels it.

I have a ton of email backlogged, so if you've written and not heard, bear with me. I will bet back to you....but feel like reading this afternoon, not typing.

Had a good trip, generally, over from Livingston to New Braunfels. I took mostly US and state routes, almost no traffic, fairly decent roads (other than a couple of stretches early on that bounced me around a bit) and some nice scenery. If I hadn't been rushed to make it here before dark (good thing since it took me three tries to get onto the right frontage road for Camping World), I would have stopped several times. Those days are coming....SOON!

The big surprise of the trip was stopping a couple of hours out to check out the atlas and take a bathroom break. Opened the bathroom door....the smell about knocked me flat. Think of a porta-potty after 10 hours of use on a 100 degree day at a biker event (or outdoor concert). I've never had that happen. The most common cause is having the bathroom vent open...I knew that and it was closed (as were all the vents and windows). I added water, I added RV-Trine treatment, I opened the vent (had to at that point).

It's gone this morning (was pretty gone by bedtime) and I have a few things to check out. The evening was capped by my DVR refusing to load from the satellite. After relocating the dish three times and resetting or unplugging the DVR at least 6 times, I turned it all off. Missed Kid Nation, Private Practice and Dirty Sexy Money. I'll live...

Okay, I said this would be brief but you all know me well enough by now....LOL! Ran into a lady solo, full-timer here. She's at an RVing Women rally and was picking up a replacement "Little Red Campfire". I had read about them in the forums but had never seen one operated. I loved it! Great way to have a campfire without the muss or fuss of wood. It runs on propane which means I wouldn't have to worry about my allergic reaction to smoke. I hadn't gotten one because of limited storage space...then it hit me....I have room in the trailer. Uh, DUH!

Okay, enough babbling...I'll be here again tonight (it's free and if there is a pull-through spot, I can even plug into electric - last night they were all full), then I head to Riverbend RV Park in Luling where I will stay till January 7th.


  1. Lol!...I also have "problems" with heavy odorousness...when I'm driving down the road...whew!...especially when I get this thing up to highway cruising speeds!...dang!

    I've seen new "vent caps" that ya can add to the top end of the vent tube (on the roof) that say they stop the problem, however, I have not yet "talked" with anyone that has tried them...anyone out there that uses them?...and can answer, "Do they work?"

    Michael, Crowe, and Wanderwolf

  2. Hey Frogg! The link for the little red campfire goes to a WalMart empty shopping cart page! Sounds like you're getting the hang of go Girl! Love Ya!

  3. Okay, the link to the Little Red Campfire is fixed!! Thanks, FUP.

    Michael, sent you an email with a link to a thread discussing this. For anyone else, it's HERE.


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