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Friday, December 7, 2007

We all know we should...protect ourselves from incoming power surges and lightning strikes...but how many of us do? I don't have surge protection on my appliances....I know I should but it's a hassle for me to pull the appliances out, get to the plugs, insert a surge protector and set it all back in place. If I ever get a friendly and generous "handy man" around, maybe then.

But in the meantime I have taken two steps to help. First is protection for my laptop....I bought a small battery backup (UPS) for it and it protects against surges and sags, something that will age the laptop boards quickly. So when the laptop is plugged in and running or even just charging the battery, it's got a fairly even power source feeding to it.

But thanks to 1) lots of education from the forums and my books and 2) another RVer who was swapping out a 30 amp Surge Guard to a 50 amp Surge Guard, I do protect my rig when parked and plugged into shore power.

If you've ever wondered if these things are worth it (I got mine at half price since it was used once or twice), here are some photos to help you make up your mind. First, here are the catalog photos for the portable unit I have (there are others that can be hard wired and probably other brands as well).

Now here is one that DID it's job...took a lightning hit and saved the RV from what could have been a catastrophic event. I saw this sitting behind the counter while here at Camping World in New Braunfels and asked if I could take a picture of it. Mike, the gentleman in the first photo, was more than willing to help.

click to see larger image

Makes you think.....what is a couple of hundred dollars for that kind of protection? Priceless...

Till next time - keep on rollin',


  1. Hello, hello, Luling/Riverbend Rv, what an interesting place to stay, It's been exactly a year since I made the same trip from Livingston to Luling, checking out New Braunfels in the process and traveling with my 84 year old mother and her pup, "Gypsy".
    The BBQ (if you like meat) in Luling is famous. Check out my blog


    for photos and details.

    PS. I can sympathize about Bobo, my mother lost a "pup" named Hobo about ten years ago, and said she would never want another, I got her Gypsy poodle pup about 8 years ago, and she has been such a source of joy to my mother. Reconsider sometime that a dog just wants love and will be waiting for you in the afterlife, to run, play and love forever. Save one from an animal shelter or pound, they are worth a few tears now and then, for the love they have is timeless.

  2. Well, that looks good. As I lived also on a sailboat for 28 years, yes, that kind of protection is well worth it... as I leave this area and I will get one. And then again why not order one on the Internet right now... lightning might not wait.
    IMPORTANT, and a reply would be so kind. I'll ask you as I don't do RV Forums as much as you do. I was told last night an expert RV technician that when rolling TURN OFF the fridg which is then powered by propane! Not onyl turn it off but shut the propane, the knob! Which means.... food in the freezer... well, you know what I mean. HAVE YOU ever heard of such a thing?... I know to turn off the fridg when getting propane... but not this scenario...
    You comment is needed "master"...
    Thanks always for writing...
    Be well... Ara & Spirit


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