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Sunday, December 9, 2007

I promised more photos of the park, here are some I took this morning while it was still overcast. I walked along the river aways, then back to check out the laundry, rest rooms, showers and kitchen/lounge area. All very nice! For $250/month including electric, I think I'll be quite happy here for a month. Lots to check out within an easy 100 mile riding radius, too.

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Breakfast Outdoors

A little Christmas decorating

...and a little more

I had a nice breakfast outside on the picnic table...set out a few Christmas decorations outside. Worked on my photos after straightening up a little (wouldn't want to go overboard...). Around 1 pm I had visitors - Karon arrived first. She has been following my postings for close to two years now. Shortly afterward Ellie arrived. They are both readers of and often post in the forum and visit the chat room there.

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What wonderful ladies...we chatted for several hours, the time flew. We have a lot of commonality and I look forward to getting to know them both better. If I make the RV-Dreams Rally, they both plan to be there (I think....LOL!). They both brought me wonderful gifts that they I'm thinking about what I could manage creatively for new friends....nothing decided, that will take a while. Crafty stuff has never been my forte' - think I passed that gene along to my daughters.

After they left I decided to try to unhook my trailer. Worked out pretty well except that I forgot I would have to move the motorhome forward to get it out from under the motorhome hitch. I managed to pull it forward enough without having to unhook. But I still need a bit more before I level the trailer and put down the stabilizer legs (or are they arms...LOL!) Guess I'll do that when I head back to New Braunfels to the Ford dealer and Camping World (microwave trim kit needs to be installed and my tires re-torqued, at least both are no charge). But hey....I did get it unhooked & remembered chocks!

Till next time - keep on rollin',


  1. Isn't that a wonderful life style. I wish I could get Pat to go off on longer trips. Maybe in the future.

    Today has been kind of a melancholy day for me. It should have been Annie & my 40th wedding anniversary.

  2. Thanks for your great hospitality, Donna! I love your home on wheels. Hope we can find each other at Q or on the road somewhere.



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