Luling, Tx - Settling In

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Well, I finally made it. I ended up spending one more night in Camping World's parking lot. I could have rushed to the campground but would have been dealing with getting-off-work traffic and ended up setting up in the dark. Plus I wanted to stop at Wally World on the way over to pick up some groceries.

For some reason I didn't sleep real well so I ended up not getting up until 9 am. Dumped my trash, did my walk around and headed out. The morning was overcast but muggy. By the time I checked out of Wally World, it was 82 inside The Lily Pad...fired up the generator and started the A/C for the rest of the drive.

Missed the was closer to I-10 than I anticipated so turned around and headed back. Got checked in, found my site and after two go-rounds, got parked. First time the trailer was a little too crooked for me, so I went around again and took a wider approach.

The park is small, I'll do more investigating tomorrow and take some more photos. There are a fair number of seasonal RVs here, great rate. There is Wi-Fi but they told me it was sporadic (I haven't found the signal yet so I'm using my Verizon card). There is a small but nice pool....if it stays as hot as today, I'll be checking it out as an exercise alternative to walking.

I took my time with my setting up, first hooking up my Surge Guard with the lock. Since I was previously at Escapee parks, I hadn't used the lock but with a replacement being several hundred dollars, figured it was time to try it out. Oh, the red thing you see sticking out is a Plug Dog from Coil 'n Wrap. Makes it much easier to pull out when it's time to disconnect from power or my generator.

Back at the Fall Escapade I had bought a better water filter from the folks at RV Water Filter Store as well as two short hoses to help connections and a bunch of quick connects. I hadn't taken time to put it all together but since my inline water filter was leaking, I knew it was time to switch. Worked out great and I love the brass quick connects.

Oh, wondering what it's sitting in? I picked up one of those oversized cupholders that you see in many auto or marine sections. Looked like it would fit...worked perfectly!

Then I dumped both tanks....may have found the source of some of my smell (the new toilet has helped immensely but still some odor). Will post more about it tomorrow. I used my RhinoFlex Sewer kit for the first time....very nice! I bought it when I realized my current hose might be too short for some today. It had been sitting in a box in my it's settled into a storage bay.

Came in, unloaded all the stuff that resides on the floor of my shower...extra water, large laundry bottle, dishpan holding more baking soda & vinegar (great for de-scumming drains) & some other miscellaneous stuff. As soon as the hot water had cycled, I popped in and took my first long shower in the rig. Previously it has been campground showers or sink baths due to water conservation as well as watching holding tank levels.

All in all, a good day....tomorrow I hope to meet up with two other lady RVers who are in the area.

Till next time - keep on rollin',


  1. Good to hear you made it to Luling. Now, you can sit back and relax a little, and really get to know your RV.

    Take care and have a great time.


  2. Froggi,
    I've followed your posts on, but hadn't checked out your blog until today. Great job!! And thanks for the link to the Pull Dogs. I just placed an order.
    Also bookmarked your current campground. Our son lives at McKinney, TX, so we are always looking for campgrounds. Loved the monthly rate.
    Hope to meet you in Branson in June.

    Gail Brogdon

  3. I found my way to your blog via Aras and Spirit. I love reading about his adventures. Found him at big bend chat.Anyways, I hope your stay at Luling is relaxing. Do check out City Market BBQ. You will be hard pressed to find better ribs anywhere! Enjoy life!


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