Mysterious Disappearances....

Saturday, December 15, 2007

You know the ones I'm talking about. You wash a load of clothes. You dry the load of clothes. You fold the load of clothes. One sock dry, one sock missing. It was a brand new pair of wasn't in the washer or dryer. It wasn't on the floor or in the hamper. It was gone...mysteriously disappeared. Because it was new, I saved the single sock, left it on the side of my dresser for months. I just knew the sock had to never did and when I started closing out the house and moving into the motorhome, I reluctantly tossed it out.

To back up a couple of days, I opted out of traveling to New Braunfels and the Ford dealer (and Camping World) on Wednesday as scheduled. The winds were gusting at 20-30 mph and it was rainy. Since I wasn't in dire need, I delayed a day and headed over there on Thursday. The Ford dealer, Bluebonnet Ford, was easy to find and got me right in. VERY nice dealership! Got some good news....the cruise control recall had already been done. This was doubly good news because evidently the parts were available when it was done since my cruise control works. They are currently disconnecting the cruise and will reconnect it when parts are available...which no one when that will be.

Then came the bad news. They checked out the error code that I've had on since I brought the RV home in August (service engine soon) and sure enough, I needed the O2 sensor replaced. They had it done in 30 minutes....and I walked out $400 poorer. The motorhome seemed to be peppier but that could be due to not having the trailer attached.

From there I headed to Camping World to get the microwave trim kit put in but discovered it wasn't there yet. Rather than fiddle-faddle with running back again, I just made an appointment for 1 pm on January 7th, the day I leave here. I'll head over there, get the kit installed, get my tires re-torqued and any other little thing that has cropped up, taken care of.

From there I headed to Wal-Mart and picked up some groceries as well as a couple of other things. One of those "other things" was a new's memory foam and I thought I'd see if it would help the stiff neck I've been waking up with every morning. I tried it out last night and I slept really well, waking up another gray, foggy day.

Because it was early I decided to toss on my bathrobe and check email before getting dressed to go do laundry. Most times I just get dressed. Here the story cycles around to the beginning....I pulled on my robe and the missing sock dropped to the floor. Kills me to toss it's brand new!

Till next time - keep on rollin',


  1. Somehow I just knew that sock would reappear! Now, if you find a really nice, (new) tan washcloth in a laundromat near Ft. Worth - it's mine!!! Stay warm,


  2. I knew the minute I started reading your storie the sock was stuck somewhere to another peice of clothing. I've had this happen many times.
    Love reading your adventures.

  3. See, there is an advantage to buying all identical socks! Doesn't black go with everything? I like variety so I buy one shade of blue and a shade of gray. It simplifies life.

    I don't know if the oxy sensor replacement will improve either your mileage or performance. Sometimes when some of those pollution control devices stop working, mileage and/or performance can be improved.

  4. Loved the sock story. Was thinking of buying a memory pillow. What brand is yours?


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