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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

No, not an RV....your blog! Today I was googling around and ran into a topic that I hadn't thought about. What happens if your blog provider LOSES your blog? Do you have a backup? I sure don't...I used to host the blog on my domain, then I had backup. Now that it's under Blogger's upgraded plan, they host the blog but display it under my name.

So, found what looks to be a possible solution (actually two) for those of us that blog and don't want to lose our content (words are precious....).

The first is easy but is only good as long as 1) it exists and 2) it's priced right. Presently it exists and being free, the price is right. It only backs up text so be sure to save any photos to your hard drive where you can easily find them.

Here is what PC World had to say about this solution:

You back up your PC (don't you?), so it's smart to do the same for your blog, using BlogBackupOnline.

"If you have a blog and you aren't sure that your blog provider will always have a backup in case of a crash, head over to BlogBackupOnline pronto. The site is straightforward: Log in, enter information about your blog, and the site diligently backs it up every day (provided that you use one of the 11 supported blogging services--Blogger, Friendster, LiveJournal, Movable Type, Multiply, Serendipity, Terapad, TypePad, Vox, Windows Live Space, or WordPress). The site is also a great tool if you ever decide to move your blog from one platform to another. After you've backed up your blog, BlogBackupOnline can bring all of your old entries into the new service."

Yes, I've signed up and will give it a try. But in addition I am also using the other approach. It means creating a page with all your blog entries on it. Some folks said it doesn't work over 1000 posts but since I don't have that many, I created it today and dated it. In a week I will do it again...if it starts dropping them off the end, they will still be there in my older saved pages.

This page explains how to display the entries. Then just do a FILE SAVE AS, give the page a name you will remember and voila....a simple backup!

Till next time - keep on rollin',


  1. That is something interesting to think about. I had been having Blogger email each of my posts to me and saving them in a folder under Outlook. Those can be backed up. But with the "new" Blogger I haven't set that up again. If all was lost I think I just might start over. My original focus for the blog has sort of changed over the nearly two years I've been doing it, so that might be the time to make a major change. None of my photos would be lost as they are all on Flickr. And I have plenty of backups at home, both on three different hard drives and on CDs and DVDs. Is there a charge for that service?

  2. If performing a "backup" in IE, make sure to save the page with all your posts as an MHT file. This will save everythign to a flat file, maintaining all photos and links.



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