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Friday, August 17, 2007

Morning everyone....

Well, I went to look at the Holiday Rambler yesterday. After getting lost (Microsoft Streets & Trips missed a vital turn) and getting found (thank you Mr. Garmin), I finally arrived. Chatted with the owner for a bit, nice guy who races dirt bikes and now wants to move to a toy hauler.

Several things concerned me, some fixable (front A/C not cooling as well as it should), some offensive (really musty odor, might have to pull the carpet & recover windows/furniture), some uncomfortable (it was very close to the size of our old one which was comfortable for two without feeling crowded, realistically more than I need or want) and some potentially really bad (signs of possible delamination around a window with ceiling fabric sagging inside). So I'm going to pass on this....it just doesn't feel right.

I really think my starter home needs to be a Class C to help me through the learning process. The house will eventually sell and I can upgrade then. This means no solar and I won't add it until I have an RV I plan on keeping, the expense is WAY to much for that.

So I'm still looking but won't be today since I have three appointments - one at the veterinarian's, two to pick up furniture I'm selling.

Till next time - keep on rollin',


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