Step by step, Closer and closer...

Monday, August 13, 2007

I'm inching forward....step by step, closer and closer to getting on the road. It looks like my Harley, Rex, will be leaving for his new home on Wednesday afternoon. It will be a bittersweet moment...I am very glad he's going to someone I know, a lady rider at that. But he will be tremendously missed.

So I spent the morning cleaning out all the bags on the bike, figuring out what stayed and what went with him. This meant I started looking at accessorizing Squirt, my new BMW. First thing I noticed was that where I am used to lots of metal and chrome, Squirt is plastic (often referred to as Tupperware ). This is one reason he's so lightweight as compared to the Harley.

My little wristband frog rattle fit on my handlebars just fine. I found that the sides of the license plate holder were metal so I got to put my two small ribbons (USA Troops & Breast Cancer) on either side. I put my little biker frog on the very back of my luggage rack and fastened him down with two tie-wraps (zip-ties as some call them). Then I took my frog riding bell that was a gift and found a spot on the BMW for it.

I realized that I am going to need some type of tank or tail bag to carry the little things like sunglasses, lip balm, registration/insurance, wipes, sun screen, etc. On the Harley I had a good sized pocket on my tank panel as well as a windshield bag. Both were very convenient and easy to get into while riding. I spent a little time online looking at bags....boy, cheap isn't in THAT vocabulary! LOL!

Anyway, now that the bike is selling I will make an appointment to see the 33' Holiday Rambler here in town. If I like it, then will get professional inspection done and go from there. It is a bit larger than I want so I will still look for a Class C in the 25-30' far they have all been cheapies, only fit for a weekend trip for a bunch of guys on a binge (be it hunting, NASCAR or beer....LOL!)

So watch for more updates this week....things are moving quickly now! (OMG, I'm trying to NOT have a panic attack about everything that still needs to be done!).

Till next time - keep on rollin',


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