Comfort Food

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Comfort food....everyone has something that they like to indulge in from time to time. Chicken noodle soup when you're sick, lasagna or meatloaf when you miss home or family, sweets when you're stressed. Different foods for different feelings and sometimes different foods for different times in your life.

Most people know I spend a lot of time in McDonalds and get a giggle out of that. Most of the staff are young enough to be my grandkids but they argue over who is going to wait on me and encourage the new workers to remember my "standard" orders.

I started coming here on a regular basis after Mike passed away. It was the only way I could force myself out of the house without a lot of social interaction. Remember, I was new to the town - we had moved here less than 2 months before he died. I'd head over most mornings for breakfast sometimes and coffee always, sitting there reading and enjoying free refills.

During my 2005 motorcycle trips, I continued to frequent McDonalds for all my mid-day stops, sometimes for breakfast, if the hotel didn't have a decent breakfast bar. I even tracked where I got the cheapest senior coffee (a price perk) as I traveled. When the trips were over, the morning visits resumed, changing to dinner breaks after I started working.

I sat there tonight, reading and enjoying my coffee, waiting for my salad to settle a bit before getting my nightly low-fat ice cream cone. I noticed a motorcycle pull in and thought about how hot he had to be, watching as he walked in slowly, obviously feeling the effects of the heat.

I was flooded with memories.....memories of learning to ride in Florida during the summer of 2002. Florida....home of hot and humid, being a late in life learning rider I went out as often as I could, trying to ride early mornings before it got too hot.

Weekends Mike and I would ride for hours, enjoying the sights while I continued to learn. To combat the heat we developed the habit of stopping mid-way at a McDonalds....for cofee and an ice cream cone.

Thus my comfort food....McDonalds Coffee and a low fact ice cream cone.

Till next time - keep on rollin',


  1. I do believe I like McDonalds as well...Yes, some people look a little strangely at you when you say you've been there, but I do like their coffee! Have a safe day!

  2. McDonalds up here in the northwest use Seattle's Best Coffee and they may use it system wide. It is a good choice.

    After Annie died my comfort place was the Starbucks place we had enjoyed together so many times. It is also something that you can buy in any of their cafes and find about the same product, and it goes well with a good book. No free refills, though!


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