Special Days not always so special....

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Today....August 27, 2007. A day like any other. The alarm goes off, I hit snooze...4 or 5 times, then I crawl out of bed and head to the bathroom. Splash some water on my face, brush my teeth and take my morning meds. Toss on some clothes and go get BoBo out of his crate and take him outdoors.

Every morning starts this way...then the variations start. Today's first variation was loading BoBo into the car. He needed to be dropped at the vet's office by 8:30 -- today was the appointment for his neutering. I chatted with the receptionist a bit, she printed out the papers I needed to sign and handed them to me. I looked it over, signed and asked her what the date was. "August 27th," she said, not realizing the significance to me. I wrote the date and quietly said, "My husband would have been 66 today."

How easily the days pass, rushing by like the waters in a stream. Then suddenly you find yourself free-falling down an unexpected waterfall. You hit bottom, shake your head, look back to see where you've been and then you see it.....the rainbow. You smile....they are watching over you.

I had many moments today, some sad, some nostalgic and some full of laughter. I bought groceries, got my driver's license renewed, mailed the paperwork to establish my new South Dakota residency, chatted with the bank about their new account and how it would work well for me, talked to my Toyota dealer about buying my car (didn't make it in to see them because of the amount of time it took to get my drivers license done), made several phone calls (something I tend to procrastinate), and watched an improv reality show that had my laughing so hard I was crying.

All in all, a special day for me.... Happy Birthday, Michael!

[left to right] Mike & his younger brother Dave in 1997

Till next time - keep on rollin',


  1. Happy Birthday Daddy, we miss you....

  2. Ah!... how can reading words written by someone I have not even met bring out tears to this face? and a smile... all at the same time! With much admiration for you Donna... wishing the best... you deserve it.
    Always. Ara

  3. I can't even begin to know what you go through...bless your heart.
    I love your feel for freedom though. Be careful and live it!

  4. Those "special" days may be a little easier after the first time around but they are still pretty poignant. I am starting to make new "special" days- today is our 4th month wedding anniversary. Good things can happen more than once!


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