Busy Weekend

Monday, June 26, 2017

We are so blessed to have our lifestyle, one where we can change plans pretty easily. And that is exactly what we did this past weekend. We had intended to leave Maryland on Sunday, arriving at our home in Tennessee on Tuesday. A last minute invitation changed that and we will now arrive at home on Thursday. Not a big change, but happy we could easily do it.

We headed north to the Hudson Valley of NY early on Friday morning, hoping to make it by 4ish for our granddaughter's high school graduation. Of course it was Friday and of course there was traffic, a lot of it. So that meant accidents and backups...after a couple of stops our five hour drive ended at a little over eight hours. But the graduation party had just started, so we were fine. LOL

Here are a few photos...oh, all taken with my little iPhone because guess who forgot their camera!

As soon as we got on I-95, there was an accident requiring HazMat - turned out a semi-truck had lost a saddle tank (fuel).

When we got the the New Jersey turnpike - repeat.

Scenery other than traffic....

On to New York state and a 54 minute backup! We opted to get off at the service plaza and wait it out.

The party is just getting started - five girls, their families and friends all celebrating their graduation from high school. The crowd grew as the evening wore on...everyone had a blast!

The graduate - Abbi. She is my late husband's youngest daughter's older daughter...phew!

I also got to see my youngest daughter and three grandkids...it had been too long and they are growing up so fast!

We left on Saturday, a day earlier than planned because I wasn't feeling all that great. A bunch of the kids all went hiking...it's such a beautiful area!

We did have some pretty sunsets on the drive home...

Sunday we laid back and just relaxed...in fact I took two long naps before finally crawling out of bed at 3pm. So today we are doing all the necessary de-oozing (putting away all the stuff that has oozed out over two months) as well as checking tire pressure, getting the garage ready to load the bike, cleaning the roof of tree debris, etc.

So tomorrow we are off and if all goes well, we should arrive home in Tennessee sometime on Thursday. WOOT!

Ciao for now!


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