6/16/17: Celebrate the Small Things

Friday, June 16, 2017

It's Friday and time to post my Celebrate the Small Things on this blog.

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My small things for this past week, some not so small, but all great!

First was attending & enjoying our granddaughter's 3rd birthday party. She had a blast as did everyone who attended.

Can you tell it was Troll themed? Her favorite...for right now.

A successful eye surgery for the cataract on my right eye. Thankful for a wonderful husband who takes care of me when I need it, whether I want it or not.

We seem to have won the battle of the ants - thank you, Terro! It has yet to fail us. We prefer the liquid we dispense, not a fan of the bait traps. We also got some powder to spread at the house.

Finally, I got an AMAZING bathing suit for $19.98. It fits, looks good and I would actually wear it in public. I haven't had a suit like that since 2010. I went back to the site to get a photo and saw it's down to $9.98 but only in small sizes. Oh well...I did snag a second one, I don't like it quite as well, but if I lose 10#, it will look better (too much belly-LOL).

A pretty darn good week!

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Ciao for now!


  1. I love the look on your granddaughter's face when she unwraps the bike. 😊

  2. That's a cute bathing suit. Where did you buy it, if you don't mind my asking? I need a new bathing suit and I hate shopping in stores!!!

    1. This one is here: http://www.swimsuitsforall.com/Black-Ruffle-VNeck-Swimsuit

      They were sold out of my size but I searched the same suit name without the word black and found a black/white marbled one that I ordered, too.

      This company comes highly recommended from many cruising friends.

  3. Congratulations on a successful surgery and your granddaughter's 3rd birthday!
    I hate shopping for swimsuits, but I'm glad you found one you like at a nice price!

    1. I liked the bathing suit fit so well, I ordered another! I also gave away five old (barely used) suits that I'd been hoarding, even though they didn't fit anymore. LOL!

  4. Whoa, Donna, a kid's birthday party (including a fancy pink bicycle), a swim suit that fits AND is affordable plus being done with surgery - I'll say that was a pretty darn awesome week! Congratulations on all accounts!

    1. You are so right...it truly was!! Hoping next week is as good!

  5. It does sound great. Happy Birthday to your grand daughter.

  6. Looks like your granddaughter had a wonderful time. She's adorable. Congrats on the swimsuit. It is so hard to find one that looks half-decent...and then on sale too!


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