Storms in TN while we were in MD

Thursday, June 29, 2017

When we are traveling, we always worry about how the house fares during a severe storm. There were several during the two months we were in Maryland. I got to the house first, Stu having stopped to get the RV/truck washed.

Everything appeared to be in good working order. I reset the outlet for the phone/internet, plugged in everything that had been unplugged and breathed a sigh of relief. Then I walked out on the deck...

OH NO! Wind storm damage!! I was stunned.... [giggle-snort]

Stu just HAD to post the photo and the following caption on Facebook:
We opened up the house. Everything was fine until we looked on the porch. Devastating storm damage. FEMA needs to be called. We need help. We will rebuild. WARNING graphic images! Donna, please be strong. We can survive!
The comments were are some of the best ones.
  • Gail C: I think the cow did it.
     Reply from Janice C: I agree with Gail. The cow did it on the deck with the chair. Lol
     Reply from Gail to Janice: I mean look at her. She's watching to see what their reactions going to be. She's smirking to herself.
     Reply from Janice to Gail: It looks like she may have had help. The other cow is hiding her face! Lol
  • Robert T: Nothing left to do now but burn it all down.
  • Jessalyn B: The cows don't look impressed with your crisis 
  • Rob H: The winds must have been horrific! Can you imagine what it took to toss that chair as though it was made of light aluminum and canvas??? I'm still picking up my jaw off the ground!!
  • William M: That's not storm damage..... That is clearly earthquake damage.... See it all the time here in California!
  • Kendall B: I've been there. You can rebuild!
  • Scarlet B: Oh no!!! not the folding chair!!!!! I'll come on the next flight!
Seriously, the house is fine. We've moved in all the food and other necessities. More to come into the house but we have time, no deadlines. Life is good!

Ciao for now!


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