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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

We left earlier than normal on Monday - before noon. LOL! Stu stopped at a local state park on the way out and dumped and we rolled out of Delaware headed for home. Gorgeous weather - sunny. Traffic -not bad at all. Road hazards - of course!

We were on I-81 when Stu tried to avoia a piece of tire tread on the road. It went under the RV and hit the PVC pipe where we store our sewer hose. So me, driving in Scooby our pick-up truck behind the RV, managed to avoid the tire tread that came flying out at me but then had to dodge our sewer hose. Shouted at Stu on the CB to pull over. Fortunately it was easy to undo the last clamp holding the now dangling PVC pipe and toss the pipe in the truck bed. Phew! A quick stop at Camping World and we were back on the road.

We got in late, but a day early, unloaded the motorcycles - put them in the shed, unloaded the elliptical that we have been carrying in the back of Scooby - put it in the garage area of the RV. Let Sadie romp with her BFF, Keta. Got the DirecTV set up and life is good! Well, almost. The DSL wasn't working (turned out to be an operator error) but we survived the night. ;-)

Stu is busy getting the motorcycle and trailer ready for his three week guy ride out to South Dakota. He'll be using this as a shake-down run for the gear we plan to use on our Route 66 ride this fall.

Me? I'm catching up on general chores - shopping, laundry, bathing Sadie, paying bills. Yeah, the usual day to day stuff that just never seems to go away.

Oh, if you're interested, check out page 4 of the Delmarva Fast Lane Biker June issue.

And the last note, still need two more reviews for Not a Whisper.  ;-)


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