Stu's Monday Meanderings - a rest day

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Today was a quiet day for Stu, resting and doing laundry while Mr. Earl visited some local family and the Duwop Duo of Bonnie and Clyde - no wait, that's Bonnie & Duane headed up to ride Pikes Peak.

>Resting today. I'm staying put or perhaps a Visit with some Fam. The rest are heading out for a day of whatever. — at Days Inn Colorado Springs-Gdn of Gods.

He then had dinner with our daughter, Sheri and her husband Kenn.

>Dinner with Sheri and Kenn. Nice to sit and catch up on stuff — at Texas T -Bone.

A little excitement during dinner....
>Meanwhile across the street from our dinner at Texas T- Bones.

Final report?
>Three Irish folk meet at a restaurant and pictures were taken.....

Yup, everyone forgot to take a photo...LOL!

Tomorrow they all hit the road, headed home. Current plans are to stop around Salinas, KS.

Back home, I spent the day at McDonald's chewing out over 3500 words, into chapter one of "Barely a Spark". More tomorrow....

Been doing small loads of laundry and running the dryer on air to dry...tonight even that stopped. Back to the laundromat I go. Sigh....glad we have an appointment mid-July to get all our rig issues fixed.

Oh Sadie? She came home last night and spent the day sleeping inside while I was gone. I let her out early this evening. She came home less than two hours later, panting, wet and limping (she gets a muscle cramp in her hindquarters). I wiped her down and she's been sleeping ever since.


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