Stu's Wednesday Travels - spending time in Kansas

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The guys broke onto separate routes today, Mr. Earl and the rest of the Duwoper gang are headed back to Maryland and Stu is taking a leisurely, back road route home to Tennessee.

His first stop was at the Eisenhower Museum.
>Learned a lot about one of our greatest Soldier/generals. If you are interesting in the history of WW2 then you need to visit here — at Eisenhower Presidential Library and Museum., Abilene KS

Photo Photo

Of course then he realized he hadn't eaten since early this morning so...
>In the middle of somewhere for lunchat R-Bar. in Enterprise, KS

Camped here for the next two nights. Laundry & a movie tomorrow, capped off by dinner with family.

Final check-in for the night...
>Camped out after a short day riding one the many Americas Scenic Byways. Beanie weenies and fruit for dinner. Shower and bed
at El Dorado Lake..bluestem Point.


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