Stu's Sunday Travels - through the Independence mountain pass

Monday, June 24, 2013

Mid-afternoon Stu McNicol and the Duwopers checked in from Independence Pass, Colorado. I suspect they are at the big stop with LOTS of snow (based upon my experience riding there in 2005).

Click the link below to see where they were located.

Well, a long day for the gang...ended up in Colorado Springs, just now getting dinner at after 10pm their time. Tomorrow is Pikes Peak and Garden of the Gods for the others, Stu is ready for a day of rest (he's done both before).

Back on the home front, I went to Cookeville shopping today. They have two much larger Walmarts than here in Jamestown. I found my large Chobani Greek Yogurt and another trunk for our move to Ecuador. A good day...oh, and when I came home, our errant daughter showed up wagging her tail. She's spending the night at home for a change. LOL!


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