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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

An online friend had an accident while in Ecuador and sustained a badly sprained ankle...just hours before her flight. When she got home they were worried about a blood clot but fortunately she is in the clear.

Her story reminded me of one thing we now both have - comfortable compression socks. I first found these after hubby had double knee replacements. He wanted something sturdier than the traditional TEDS that he had to wear for weeks after the surgery. He needed something to wear anytime he was traveling for more than a few hours.

Well, since we travel a lot in our RV lifestyle, I needed to find something that would work. He liked these so well that he continued to use them for long motorcycle rides, too. I had leg swelling at the end of a long office day in my younger years and it continues now on any day where my legs are in a vertical position for a long time (travel, motorcycle rides, airplanes). I decided to try these same socks for me.

I was unable to find a small (I wear a size 7 ladies US) but got the medium. They are a bit long so I don't pull the foot really tight.

I was amazed at the difference. I now wear them any time my feet will be in a down position for more than a few hours. Motorcycle rides, travel in the truck and airplane rides. I liked them so well, I got more for both of us!
Now I just hope Stu is remembering to wear his on this big trip!


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