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Thursday, June 13, 2013

We are finally going to do it - ride Route 66 this fall. Current plans call for leaving in early September, taking up to four weeks to go from TN to the start in Chicago, then ride as much of Route 66 as we can, ending in Santa Monica. The return route is unknown other than we'd like to see Yosemite National Park before starting home. That route will be determined by weather and how we feel at the time. Another 3-4 weeks and we should be back in TN.

Stu has spent the last week prepping his bike for a shake-down trip. He's taking 3+ weeks for a guy ride to SD and back (and maybe some surrounding states - time and weather dependent). Tuesday night he had all our camping gear spread out in the driveway. None of this has ever been used so we're hoping we've thought of everything. It all fit very neatly into BRAT with just his clothes on his backseat.

Almost ready to go...

Time to leave...

Look, a lady bug! That means good luck.
Heading out....
Camped in Mammoth Caves National Park
He finally left around noon yesterday, heading to Mammoth Caves National Park to camp. Oh, and to get his Geezer Pass for the parks (and discount camping). We'll post the results of how our gear held up and what worked, what didn't.

Ride safe,
Stu and Donna


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