Thousand Trails RV Park - Lebanon PA

Saturday, September 29, 2012

We arrived last afternoon Thursday, a bit on the exhausted side. Driving much over 200-250 miles a day is guaranteed to wipe us out, toss in rain and cold and you get a double whammy. It surprised us how warm it was while we set up so once done, showers were the order of the day. We came here for two reasons, first it wasn't out of our way and we had not used out Thousand Trails membership and second, to see our friends, Nick & Terry Russell and Greg & Jan White.

The drive from Indiana through Ohio and Pennsylvania was pretty, we were both surprised how many trees where changing. I snapped a few photos while following behind Stu and at one rest area (when it was actually sunny for a bit).

The only ones I snapped so far here at TT was coming in and grabbing a shot of all the Canadian Geese. LOL!

Friday was supposed to rain all day so all three couples pretty much hunkered down and did inside things. That meant Nick and I wrote, Terry worked on fabric/yarn or other creative things while Jan, Stu and Greg all watched TV and 'resticated'. LOL!

Yesterday was Greg and Jan's 45th wedding anniversary so we let them pick the restaurant. Fuddrucker's it was, followed by ice cream at Mazzoli Ice Cream Shop. As always, we had a great time, telling tales and laughing.

We've decided to stay an extra day. Stu's making a Sam's Club run and I'm working on my mystery novel. Life is good!

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  1. I heard the Pumpkin Ice Cream / Custard was excellent. Enjoy the time in PA.


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