Cloudy, wet and cold!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

It was Wednesday before I felt like doing much, hate being sick. But we did get out to the RV Hall of Fame for our first visit. They were having a huge event on the premises, something for dealers, but the museum wasn't busy. I took a few photos and rather than clutter this post you can see them in our SmugMug album.

We stopped at Firehouse Grill and Lounge for a late lunch. It was pretty good and we liked the ambiance and decorations.

With all the storms coming and going, there have been some pretty sunsets, I manged to catch the tail end of this one. Should have gone outside earlier. LOL!

Stu has stayed busy with indoor chores (and a few outside when the weather cooperated). One thing was replacing the reading lights over our bed. He reads with his Kindle Fire that has a backlight, I read with my Kindle Touch that doesn't so a light is needed. Initially he replaced the bulb in mine, still wouldn't work. So he pulled it out and cleaned up the contacts and when he saw how bad they were he pulled out his, too. Both were beyond cleaning so being in the RV Capital of the US, he picked up a couple of new fixtures and installed them.

Right now it's cloudy, wet and COLD! We went down to 38 degrees last night with the same or colder forecast for tonight with a high of 55 degrees. Brrrrr.....

Sadie never saw her little pug friend again, suspect the weather had something to do with that. That's not to say that she hasn't had her outdoor time, even if she did have to wear her favorite sweatshirt to stay warm.

We have been staying in touch with our online friends,  Dick & Melissa Secor . Initially both Melissa and I were sick, then the weather was too bad for a nice outside visit so we made plans to meet at Bob Evans for lunch. They had never been and we've always loved it. We hadn't been inside for ten minutes yesterday when the deluge started and quickly turned to hail. (We had more hail later in the day but nothing damaging.)

We love meeting RVers in person that we've followed in blogs. We spent over two hours chatting, stopping only for a bite or two of food. They've lived in some interesting places and just returned from a two week trip to England. We really enjoyed hearing about it all and before we left we made plans to hopefully touch base this winter in Florida.

Stu has spent this morning getting all the outside chores done so we can make a quick move in the morning. It takes me maybe 15 minutes to do the inside stuff which I start as soon as I get out of the bed. LOL! We'll splurge with breakfast out once we get registered at Mor-Ryde for our repairs. Keeping our fingers crossed that 1) they can fix the issue and 2) that it will be covered by their or our extended warranty.

Once we're done there, we will come back to Elkhart Campground for a night or two to pick up our mail and get ready for the trek eastward to Maryland for the month of October.

One last note for those of you interested in my attempt at writing my first novel. You can read an excerpt on my writing blog HERE. I'm about 10-12k from finishing the first draft, then starts the real work - editing!


  1. Glad to hear you are feeling better. Hope the work at Mor Ryde goes well. We leave here the end of this month heading south. See you in Florida.

  2. Glad to hear you are getting out and about. I keep reading about the cold, I am waiting for just a little cold-but not too much:)

  3. So glad we could spend some time together. We are in Battleground IN at the Prophetstown State Park for a few days - great park and very reasonable - check my blog for photos.

    Dick & Melissa

  4. Sorry you've been unwell and the cold and rain doesn't help much. I'm running to your writing blog to read about your novel.


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