Quick check-in from Delaware

Thursday, October 4, 2012

We left our good friends Nick, Terry, Jan and Greg around noon-ish on Sunday. Due to avoiding tolls and driving through a lot of back roads with speed limits of 35, it took us longer than expected to arrive at Stu's oldest daughter's house in Greenwood, DE. We got parked and settled in by 6:30-7pm, spent a little time with family and then collapsed for the evening.

The week has been moving past quickly between errands, chores and family time. Sadie already had her vet check-up and shot updates. She's still under 40# at 39.6 and everything was good. Got her nails done - way overdue. LOL!

Yesterday was the first of many doctor appointments. I got my left forearm looked at, ended up with a shot of cortisone into the tendon over the top of the radius bone. OUCH - had to have some comfort food at Double T Diner after that.

Today I see about my right shoulder again and a check up with the urologist, all capped off by dinner with some wonderful friends (Thurs night dinner group - goes back years with Stu and his late wife).

For whatever reason, all our appointments over the next three weeks are on Wed/Thu. Strange....but we'll squeeze in our primary care, Stu's knee check-up, dental, vision and hearing checks while we're in the area.

I won't be blogging a lot, between these appointments, family time, Stu's youngest daughter's wedding, our annual Red Helmet Ride and my trying to finish my mystery novel (as well as keeping my writing blogs updated)...I think you get the picture. LOL!

I will post at least weekly....promise! Life is good!!


  1. Ah, Delaware, almost home to me. We, too, are heading back to southern NJ to catch up on Dr checkups, etc. Do hope all yours go well.

  2. Totally understand about the time to get a blog in....I am still trying to find time to do some writing....I think I could write a book about an elderly couple who are NOT aging gracefully after 51 years of marraige..and no, this is not Dennis and I....it's family.

  3. Hope all the doctor visits turn out good. Looking forward to seeing you in Florida

  4. @Phyllis - let us know when you arrive. Maybe we can do a quick meet in the middle!

    @Chuck & Anneke - nope, not a dull moment.

    @Dennis & Donna - family always presents challenges, good and bad. Just do it...write it...just get it on paper, even if it's crap. (I have that on a t-shirt).

    @Duane & Louise - so far all is good and we expect all will be. See you this winter and we'll definitely get in some riding.


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