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Thursday, September 13, 2012

"Where did Daddy go?"
On Monday we finally pulled out of the Mercer County Fairgrounds in Celina, OH after a great breakfast with Nick & Terry Russell and Jan & Greg White. We really enjoyed our time there and if we are ever close to the area on our travels, we'd stay there again. Great Passport America/Good Sam rates.

We didn't get on the road till almost one in the afternoon and had a three hour drive without stops. Of course, you know we had to stop, pee, coffee and a last minute door closing on Freddie. We pulled into the Super Wal-Mart and did a night of Wallydocking (yes we shopped - yes we bought stuff - LOL).

Tuesday around ten we rolled into the drive of the company that manufactures our replacement electrical switch. When our solar was installed they used one from Iota that has since been recalled and has caused some major issues. Ours melted and the replacement switch had different wiring.

The two techs spent ninety minutes, determined to figure out what was needed to make the installation work. They knew nothing about solar but finally found one spot that needed rewiring and showed Stu how to permanently fix the last item needed. We are finally working correctly again....maybe our solar panel won't be so wonky. LOL!

From there we headed to Elkhart Campground and checked into a nice, long, level pull-through spot. We're set for the next two weeks. Stu got the trike unloaded, set up chairs and the back awning with sunscreen. Life is good.

Then today arrived....early for me. I just don't think you should wake up on your 65th birthday with a bladder infection, but that's the way it was. Sigh....emailed my doctor in Maryland and he called in a prescription for me. Rested all day while Stu ran errands and babied me. Hoping to feel good enough on Saturday to go to the movies, maybe even a double header!

We'll be here till the morning of the 24th when we move over to the Mor-Ryde facility here in Elkhart to get that system looked at and hopefully repaired.


  1. Happy Birthday! Sorry you are not feeling well.

  2. Happy Birthday and feel better soon!

  3. Happy Birthday and get better quick.

  4. Happy birthday and get well soon!

  5. Happy B-day! Do something fun.


  6. Happy Belated Birthday! Nice birthday present,.....not.....hope you feel better!

  7. Happy birthday.... Hope you feel better soon

  8. Trust you are feeling better by now.

    I sure wish we could have made the Rally but our schedule just did not allow it.

    Have a great birthday and treat yourself well.

  9. It's no fun being sick when you don't feel good. Drink lots of water, and I hope you feel better soon. Those infections are miserable.

  10. Happy Birthday... Hope you are feeling much better and that you were able to celebrate your special day!


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