Rally, my dear, rally.....

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Yes, we arrived at the Mercer County Fairgrounds, got settled in to our spot and haven't stopped since! We've been having a blast with old friends as well as meeting new ones. I've done a lot of volunteering at the registration table to help out and Stu has done his own stints at volunteering while taking in a few classes.

Last night we had entertainment by Larry and Melissa Beahm, One More Time. Good music, great fun. Tonight is the pizza party (for the first time I won't be joining in - doing Paleo type diet) followed by the always hysterical beauty contest.

No photos taken yet, I'll run around with my camera or phone today and grab a few. Attendance is good, over 100 rigs. Nice size for socialization. We have a great spot in a field, 50 amp and lots of room. No water or sewer but we're always prepared for that.

Yesterday Nick and Terry announced that this will be the last of the Gypsy Journal Rallies, for now. They may return but will be done differently. Like all of us, family and health have to come first. Toss in losing money and it's a no brainer. We are so glad we got to make this one. It's my 4th and Stu's 3rd, memories we'll never forget.

Gotta run!


  1. If your version of Paleo allows cheese you can just scrape off the toppings and eat them. That way you still get the flavors without the grains. It does take more servings to get a meal but the Gypsy Gathering never seems to run out of pizza.

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  3. So THAT's what Stu looks like without his hat!?! Nice meeting both of you in person, finally! And thanks for the kind words about our show. ~ Larry Beahm

  4. We were so looking forward to seeing you two at the rally, but my father's death derailed our plans and detoured us back to Tennessee. And now with the news that N&T have decided to stop doing rallies, we don't know where or when we might hook up again with them or you guys. But we'll keep track of you via the blog and hopefully run into you soon. We are headed for the Escapade rally in Missouri next week, and after that we're headed for an FMCA rally in Oklahoma. Then we will do Florida for the winter. Maybe we'll see you guys down there again!

    Happy trails...

    -- jc&bev

  5. I have always heard that this rally is always fun-enjoy!

  6. We had planned on attending this rally too but due to a prior committment which I thought had fallen through but didn't, we had to cancel. Nick and Terry are exceptional hosts and a real boost to the RVing community.

  7. The only one thing we can all be sure of is that "things will change"...sometimes good, sometimes sad, sometimes necessary.

  8. I wanted to stop by and let you know we should still be in Elkhart when you guys hit town. Give me an email and maybe we can get together for a visit.


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