We Come and We Go

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Now that Fire Lily Base Camp is all set up for us, we will come and go twice a year - spring and fall will be our seasons there until we decide to stop full-timing. All the utilities are in, including a landline so we could get DSL. That is the only utility that we have put on vacation mode, saves us quite a bit of money. The others have hefty fees so we just locked up the access points. I haven't updated our cost spreadsheet but hope to soon and will post the results for those interested.

I have uploaded a lot of photos to our SmugMug Albums, feel free to browse around. Here are a few I took as we left...compared to our setup photo.

We will be back on the property in November, staying till some time in December. We loved staying there and look forward to visiting again. 

Still rolling,
Stu and Donna


  1. Even if you love the RV adventures, I'm guessing it is always good to have a "home." :)

  2. Hi guys...found your blog but couldnt find a way other than this to contact you.
    Purchasing an exact KZ in the morning and wonder if there is anything u can tell me.The previous owner changed the plate to a gooseneck connection with 3 interchangable slide connects.
    Any assist would be greatly appreciated.docboblv@gmail.com....Thx in advance, Bob

  3. Stu, just purchased an exact KZ.Previous only made some changes.please contact me for advise and questions .Greatly appreciated....Bob....docboblv@gmail.com

  4. Your way of life is my wet dream....as a non resident we are doing the best we can and did find a "balance" between RVing and Family at home,but it is always great to "meet" real people like you and wish you both to do all things you want to do but had no time till now.
    Hoping that our paths will cross one day.


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