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Thursday, September 22, 2011

We finally got moved back to MD from PA, we ended up staying longer than anticipated due to needed maintenance and repairs on the 5th wheel. Stu decided to do some PM work and found a bad bearing. Some of you may remember our TX fiasco when another bearing went out, we sure didn't want that to happen again!

He also took time to completely wash the Freightliner and the 5th wheel...no wax but they look much better (at least until the next heavy rain).

Last but not least was heating the steel bumper and pulling/pounding it back into position. It's been that way for over two years, glad to get it done. Looks better and will look MUCH better once he gets it painted.

Sadie enjoyed her play time with her new friends but she was also happy to get back to MD to play with her sister after helping Stu with his repairs.

We've been busy with family meetings, doctor/dental appointments and taking motorcycles in for service. I left my bike at the local HD dealer before we evacuated to PA...after almost three weeks, they said it was done. We went to pick it up when Stu took his in for his 30k service...found out they only did the things I have to pay for...none of the warranty items were addressed!!

Next was the news that Stu's bike had metal in the transmission fluid...so they are pulling it completely apart and rebuilding it. Glad we have an extended warranty! We are hoping to have the bikes back tomorrow or Saturday...time will tell.

Stu learned that he will be getting both his knee replacements done next spring...that means no trip to Arizona this winter. We'll be staying in the Florida again. Sort of good news/bad news scenario. He'll be glad to get his knees fixed but we will miss all our friends in Arizona as well as missing the Gypsy Journal Rally there (we also had to miss the upcoming Ohio one...sigh), but this will allow us to go on a 7 day western Caribbean cruise with some of our friends this February.

Not much else is new...definitely nothing else exciting. We spent one day babysitting Stu's grandgirls...had a blast! All the doctor appointments have gone well as have the dental, vision, etc. That's always a good thing...especially since I have had too many friends die in the last six months. Once again we are reminded that life is too short...do what you love and love what you do!

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu


  1. Finally able to leave a comment on your blog. The last few came up, no such blog! Now I know better than that.

    Gosh girl, that has been some aggravation. Hope for you and Stu things have turned the corner.

    We are in NJ while our rig gets some work done AGAIN! Will be picking up granddaughters who live in MD on Sat. Too bad your family and mine are in opposite corners of the state. Mine is up near the PA/MD border close to York.

  2. You guys do know your blog was cracked, right? There were at least two postings that were from someone other than you. One was from a bank in Spain that had a 'deal' too good to be true, and the other was a call for participation in an international conference of NGOs. Did you get your account fixed up and secured?

  3. You need to get Stu a blindfold to go with the two new knees -- for when you pick him up from rehab in the Freightliner!

  4. Blog looks good. I gotta get me one of them seats that Stu had. Looks like a great way to get close to ground without actually getting on ghe ground.
    Looks like we will be in N.E. Ga for summer. Details are on our blog.
    Travel safe.

  5. Had both of my knee's replaced and blogged about it. You might want to take a look at them. One knee was done in December of 09 and the other in Nov of 10. Dr. did not recommend doing both of them at the same time.

  6. I see Stu's grand daughter uses his belly for a pillow. My grand daughters did the exact same thing! I guess that's why us "Grandpa's" have such a fine figure.
    But bending over like he was doing working on the bearings...well, let's just say I know what he was feeling. That fine figure does kinda get in the way doing such work.
    Job well done Stu! Here is wishing you "Good Luck" with the knee replacement.

  7. Sorry you don't get to go to Arizona this winter. We'll be in Florida too, so maybe we can get together.

    Wow...two knees replaced at once. I'm wondering how he will manage that.

  8. How the Heck will that work?? Two knees at the same time, disabling 2 legs and feet for a time, I would think. But..if the Doc says it's a go, get after it! I like Florida...Maybe I could be a visiting Nurse..??OK, maybe not. My knees are no prize either...Glad all the other check ups are good..

  9. Johnny had both knees replaced at the same time about 14 years ago. He said it would be 6 weeks rehab either way. Worked out good for him since both were really bad... With the knee replacement surgery they have you up and walking some the same day... Next day at the latest. Much different than repair from what I've seen. Keep us posted.


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