Meet my new friends!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Mommy took some pictures of me playing with Fiona [she's the black tall one], Maggy [she's the brown roundish one], Hailey [she's the blond one as well as Dave and Annie [they're the two with the LONG ears]. We had fun...

When we came home I took a nap...I earned it!

Their mommies and daddies took them camping and I'm stuck here without any playmates again. Sigh....

Sniffing and lickingly yours,


  1. You need to tell Mom and Dad to get you a permanent new friend. We got Skittlez and I sure would be glad to send her to you.


  2. I think I gotta find me some real friends too! Would ya tell my pawrent that please!! Puppy kisses, Miss Mindy

  3. That's why Mommy and Daddy adopted both of us (Maddie &Molly) 'cause then we don't get lonely! Tell them you need a permanent playmate! :)

  4. Sadie, I will gives you my Mommy's cat Willie!! I will! I will!! You can has him for frees!! He's a pain in my rear end, cuz he uses his claws on my rear end...I doesn't like that. Mommy always laughs at him when he tries to chase birdies through the RV window, but I just think that is stupid...cats are stupid. Mommy said she loves the pikture of you all passed out...she laughed out loud really hard and said to give you her love...hope we get to play together some day! Scooter

  5. Mom said I forgot to tell you that our walls are gonna move soon! We're waiting until after the 'big weekend' whatever that means. I like it when the walls move cuz that means I gets to ride in MY truck! I sit next to Daddy and helps him an important job! =)

  6. We've got a kitten that would make a great playmate, especially at dawn. Packing him up now ...



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