Fall is here....

Monday, September 26, 2011

We've had rain, rain and more rain...the only reason we aren't fussing is that both our bikes are in for service. Temps have dropped to 70-80's during the day and 50-60's at night. I noticed that the red maples are starting to turn...a sure sign of fall.

We're still clearing up chores and taking care of medical issues. Stu gets his colonoscopy done next Monday and I'm about to book an appointment with a chiropractor (first since I was a kid and tagged along with my aunt on her visits). Still have dermatologist appointments for both of us but looks like we'll be doing those in TN. Same for an ENT for me (hoarseness). Just not enough time....LOL!

For those interested, here are our Jell-O plans:
  • Leave for TN around Oct 16th
  • Leave TN for Branson MO around Nov 26th
  • Leave MO for New Orleans LA around Dec 13th
  • Leave LA for Summerdale AL around Dec 22nd
  • Leave AL for parts unknown in FL around Jan 6th
  • Spend all of Feb at Bee's RV Resort in Clermont FL (where we were last year)
  • Meander our way back to MD the first two weeks in March
  • Remain in MD from mid-March till July, then on to New England (all dependent on Stu's recovery)
  • Back to MD in mid-August (unless we never left) for annual stuff
  • Move to TN by mid-Sept when we will leave on the bikes for Route 66
  • Spend up to two months doing Route 66 & the return
  • By December, head to parts southwest

That's a rough outline and is definitely subject to change other than Feb-Jun which is pretty much burned into the sand. LOL!

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu


  1. Other than the surgery for Stu, it appears you have a pretty nice 'in jello' itinerary. Fixed up knees should add to your RV'ing and motorcycling pleasures in the future.

  2. Dennis HATES to make plans too far ahead...but I LOVE to have a great plan to dream about!! Yours sounds fabulous!!!!!

  3. If you get to Oklahoma City on Route 66 give us a shout. We are in Norman, OK

  4. Well, we all now know what Stu will be doing and where he will be doing it on Sunday. Stu, drink up and have a seat. LOL

  5. Hi Guys...

    Thanks for the very nice comment you left on our new Blog, Donna.

    We still might bump into each other this winter, because our travels are going to take us through Memphis and Nashville , because we want to see the Natchez Trace Parkway....

    Stay tuned !!

  6. Wow......what a calendar of events! I am wore out just thinking about it!

  7. You are now in my feed! :) I hope you have some good luck in the medical department as well. If our Jell-o plans & your Jell-o plans work out, we may be in New Orleans around the same time!


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