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Saturday, September 24, 2011

There were a lot of comments and questions about Stu's knee surgery so thought I'd just post the answers and clarifications here rather than in the comments.

First of all...yes, I know our blog was hacked. Well, not really hacked but they spammers took advantage of a boo-boo made by me. I'll clarify to help others not make the same mistake.

We use Google Calendar to co-ordinate our schedule, it updates our phones and keeps us in synch. When I enter an event that Stu needs to attend, I invite him through Google Calendar and it sends him an email. Normally I enter his name and chose him from the list. For some reason I started entering his email address, saw his name pop up and clicked. Well, long story short (or not), it was the email address for our blog (enabled so we can email blog updates when we are sans computer). The appointment goobledy-gook was then published on our blog and for whatever reason, the email address it was sent to also showed. Oops...

Within 30 minutes I had deleted the bad blog posts but it was already too late. That meant the spam-bots quickly picked it up the email address. That is how the next three spam blogs got posted. As soon as I realized what had happened, I disabled the email access in Blogger and then enabled it with a new address. The downside is anyone using an RSS feed or email, received notification of the "new" blogs and either saw the garbage if they got there before I did or saw nothing it after me. Sorry everyone!

Okay...on to the knees. As most of you know, Stu is a retired firefighter and his bad knees are a result of that career choice as well as lots of youthful exuberance in his younger years (like sneaking out of the house as a teen by jumping out of a second story bedroom window). He's already had one knee scoped and has had multiple cortisone shots as well as the newer injections like Orth-visc and Sync-visc (sorry for mispellings).

This year he visited his GP, then his orthopedic surgeon who referred him to the specialist that does knee replacements. The consensus was, his knees are both bad and aren't going to get any better. He's taking Celebrex for daily relief but that can't go on long term.

His surgeon does not normally do both knees at once but asked him several questions and determined that he was definitely a candidate. He is now undergoing PT sessions and will continue the exercises they give him from now through till the surgery. They have found they get better results doing PT before the surgery to strengthen the muscles.

So we will be back in Maryland in mid-March for all the pre-appointments (physical, labs, dental). We will rent a car for a month (or longer if needed) so I can drive (even if I learned to drive the Freightliner well enough to be comfortable in heavy traffic, it would be next to impossible for Stu to get in and out of it).

We have read a couple of blogs from others recovering from knee surgery combined with living in an RV and appreciate the referrals to more. Being prepared is a good thing!

Hope this answers most of the questions...

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu


  1. Saw but didn't open the spam. Knees can be a pain. Suzy and I have both had knee replacements (each of us just one), Suzy while living in the motorhome, Jerry while living in a park trailer with five steps. Not too difficult with only one knee done. Would agree that two replacements would make it really bad. Best wishes for rapid recovery.

  2. Since Al will be getting a knee replacement, I would be very interested in what kinds of exercises they are going to have him do prior to surgery.

  3. That's great that he's having PT before the surgery. I'm sure it will really help. Best not to take the Celebrex longterm from what I've heard.

  4. Does this mean you are going to have to postpone the Rte. 66 trip till next year? Glad to have you back on line, missed you.

  5. Saw the posts on Google reader and knew something was up:(

    Hope Stu's recuperation is quick.

  6. I had both knees done at the same time so here's my top-of-the-head advice.

    Think carefully about what car you rent. We had a Dodge Caravan when I had my knees done and it was wonderful because I could sit on the seat without having to climb up or scrunch down.

    If your RV does not already have adequate grab rails at the entrance, please, install them before the surgery. Stu will need to be able to pull himself up the steps until his leg muscles get strong again.

  7. Wow.. that sounds very involved! Get those muscles built up for sure! Where will you have the RV parked while you are there? I had one of my knees scoped and then got the "chicken" shots afterwards. It's been much better since then and I sure hope it stays that way!!!

    We will all be sending out positive vibes between now and March... and of course, even after that!

  8. All I can say is I wish you both Dad had knee surgery and came through with flying colors. I'm sure Stu will do the same!

  9. Never heard of PT prior to surgery, but sounds like a good idea. Hope the surgery goes well and he has a speedy recovery.

  10. A good friend had knee replacement surgery and he was back to golfing within 4 months or so. So, we're hoping for a similar successful result for you too.

  11. Howdy Froggi & Stu,
    I have had one(1) knee done(1993)&
    it is solid !! I need the other one also, but the VA only does one at a time and my nerves now won't let me do it..(I was a baseball catcher for 14 years.) I can get into a squat on the 'good' leg, now.. It is great that Stu WILL get his quads stronger BEFORE the replacement.. I SAID WILL STU!!! That'll be so much better...
    Odell had a partial and he's doing
    great.. I had a friend who had bi-
    lateral and 'claims' he was playing golf in 2 weeks..I don't
    know about that !!! GO FOR IT !!!

  12. Will be watching with great interest Stu's knee surgery & recovery. PT prior to sounds great!

  13. Glad to hear Stu's doing the 'pre-hab.' That made a lot of difference in Don's quick recovery from knee replacement. Ditto the hand grabs for getting up into the RV. Also up into the bed/bath area. Or maybe you want to spend a week in a motel? Good idea re renting the car, and to choose the model carefully. If he needs a wheelchair (hopefully not) be sure you can lever it into the hatchback or back seat - they're heavy!

    Anyway, good luck to you both and keep us posted.

  14. Stu will do great, he has the "want to" so he can get back to his wonderful life. If you are going to be parked in one spot for a while consider having steps and a "porch" built, one RVing friend we know did that so as to make getting into the rig easier, but you guys do have the back ramp so Stu could enter the rig without any steps. He will do great, we will also be in Florida this winter!

  15. My wife had both knees done at the same time. The recovery took about six months total, but it was a great improvement.

    Many people don't get the second knee done if done one at a time. It is painful and challenging, and the prospect of doing it again is daunting. Best all at once.

  16. I'm sure you will do fine Stu. But I strongly encourage to do the pre-surgery PT. The more you can build up your leg muscles...the better. I had both knees done and I wish I had done more of those pre-surgery exercises. They definitely hurt less then compared to the after surgery PT (so do them!) I'm still getting PT and its over a year since my surgery. But my right leg still isn't as strong as my left leg. My balance is bad and I fall a lot. My most recent fall this past June....basically screwed up my right leg and right hip. Let me state though that I'm so very glad I got both my knees you....they were both trashed. And I can now walk without the same pain I suffered before the operation. Your PT (before and after) will be the key to your success. I'll be thinking about you...((hugs)) Tricia

  17. Hi Donna and Stu

    We are so disappointed you can't make Arizona this year. Teresa and I wanted to reunite you with the LilyPad.

    Yep, we are heading south this winter. Notices at work have been given, and we are just counting down the days.

    We wanted to finally get a chance to meet you in person....LOL

    Anyway, take care, and lots of hugs for you and Stu

    Sincerely, Trent and Teresa

  18. Did not experience any problems with your spam issue, thank goodness. If I had I would probably have done the wrong thing to try to fix it!! :)

    Charley and I send our best wishes to Stu on his knee replacements. We hope that they go well and that he gets the relief from that pain!!

    Take care and keep us posted!!


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