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Monday, September 26, 2011

Mommy kept telling daddy that I was getting bigger, mostly taller but maybe heavier. Why do they worry about it? I am what I am...jeesh, I want to be big and strong like my sister.

So anyway, daddy had mommy get out the scale and after my bath last night (yeah, sissy and I were playing mudpies again [snicker]), daddy picked me up and weighed us. Then he weighed himself. I'm 41.4# now...

But I know it's not fat, it's muscle....ALL muscle!! I'm gonna be a doggie body builder when I grow up. [snicker]

Sniffing and lickingly yours,


  1. Wow - you weigh more than both Skitz and I. We only weigh 28 lbs together. You definitely have muscles.


  2. I guess you must be a lot bigger than me then. I weigh about 11 pounds. But I am taller and longer than the previous dog, Billy was. I am just a lot skinnier than he was hehe. Have a super day! Lovies, Miss Mindy

  3. Tell Nana and Pops to worry about their own weight, geesh!! Our hoomans do the same thing to us too. Our mama says to Harley "There's nothing cute about a fat Rattie" but I run off all my extra ounces chasing squirrels now. Amii on the other hand, she'll eat my food and hers and she doesn't run at all, except to sneak cookies, she is fat! I'm only 17 but she's 11!!! Can you believe it! It's not just fur like she says!!!

    Besides, muscle weighs more than fat, that's what mama says to daddy all the time. You got big muscles, like me.

    love form your cousins.
    Harley {and Amii}

  4. Hi Sadie, It's Rigg's from MO. You have a way to go yet I am 102lbs and all muscle, you should see me in the water. My little Sister Sadie just put on weight too. 1 lb. she is now 8 lbs instead of 7. I can pick her up and put her in her bed with ease. Hope to see ya some day. Rigg's

  5. Sadie, Mommy says I have little poochie sides of too much fat...I don't eat fat! I eat Schnauzer food and treats, so why they call me fat? Something about being healthier, she said. I dunno, but I better get to still eat the rest of the cat's gushy food, otherwise I'm coming to live with you and play and play and play. I thinks I perfect just how I is! You, dear Sadie, are beautiful and I think you're just right. Don't let them stop giving you ice cream...if you has to, suck in your tummy when the ice cream comes out...then you'll look really skinny and they will feel sorry for you! Seems to work for me. Your friend Scooter


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