Not much news…

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Things have been pretty quiet. Both our bikes are still at the Harley dealer…mine because of rain, Stu’s waiting for parts. Hoping they are both ready by the end of next week. We're both MORE than ready for some riding...need the bikes AND some good weather. LOL!

Stu’s PT appointments for his knees has been going well. He has one more week of them and then he will be on his own. Hoping he gets a printout of what he needs to do, then I can share with those interested. We are trying to ride the bicycles for 20-30 minutes on the days without PT. Then he has his colonoscopy next Monday afternoon. Joy, joy…

I have a chiropractor appointment tomorrow (Fri), hoping to get some relief from a big muscle spasm in my back that causes both numb areas and pain when riding for longer periods. Time will tell.

Sadie continues to have a blast with her sister, new photos in her blog. She ignores the mosquito bites, scratches and sore muscles. Must be nice to be young. LOL!

I’m testing out Live Writer again, hoping to use it for better blogging. Time will tell. I did update to the latest version.

Oh, for more exciting news….we’ve pre-ordered a new Kindle Touch 3G for me and Kindle Fire (tablet) for Stu. They won’t be released until late November so they will be our early Christmas presents to each other.

We’ve got dinner tonight with friends, dinner tomorrow night with family and then hoping for a weekend with some nice weather to enjoy. Time will tell…

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu

PS. Did a publish to draft from Live Writer and lost all my paragraph spacing. Any thoughts from those who use it?


  1. I use Live Writer and always publish to the blog. If I edit the post later, it always appears on Blogger edit without the paragraph spacing, but the spaces reappear on the actual post. I hope you can follow what I'm trying to say. :)

  2. I too ordered a Kindle Fire yesterday. The auto-response says it will be delivered on Nov. 17. Great day for it. Now, whenever I get around to telling the wife that I bought it, I can honestly say it is my birthday present! (I've at times been called 'gross', but on Nov 17, I'll officially be 'half a gross')

  3. Gotta let me a Kindle. Maybe I've just not dropped enough hints to the other person who lives in this rig with me!

    Hoping those aches and pains lessen quickly.

  4. I use Live Writer for most of my blog posts and have not run into the spacing problem.

    Sounds like you and Stu have plenty to do even without your "harleys".

    Good luck with all he doctor visits.

  5. Howdy Froggi & Stu,
    My brother tells me there are good doctors in Cookesville,TN.. They saved his life!!! I wished y'all send some of that rain over to West Texas; we could sure use it!!! Next year they're going to move the buffalo to San Angelo state park, so,
    they can graze in the bottom of Lake Fischer.. ITZ DRIED UP!!
    Smooth dry roads & balmy breezes!!!

  6. Lauree and I both have the Nook. But I wished I had gotten the one with Internet. Ours is just for reading books. nothing else. For a measly few more dollars, but I was too cheap.
    Oh well.
    Hope you enjoy your kindle and get to go Motorcycle riding soon.


  7. I know I'm stubborn, but I won't give up my paper actual BOOKS..I'm old and refuse some changes, I guess..Glad Stu is doing OK..worst thing about his upcoming test is the prep...Hope the bone cracker helps your back...and , oh your ending flower pic...

  8. I love my Nook, but the Kindle is also a great machine. Unfortunately, I am currently only publishing my fantasy adventure series in epub, which the Kindle does not understand. Lot's of other readers do. Sad. Eventually I will get my files formatted for Kindle, but presently the expense is more than this project is worth.

    The new knees will likely prove a wonderful thing. My wife loves hers, which are now nearly ten years old. Best of health with your coming photo-opportunity.

  9. Maybe I'll get to ship your new Kindle and Kindle Fire! Life here at Amazon is fun. Can't believe the stuff they sell... who knew... lol

  10. Love the flower picture. I just had one of those tests that Stu is having and the prep is definitely the worst part. I also agree with Judy about Live Writer. The first time I used it the same happened to me, but the actual post was fine.


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