I got to sleep over!!!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

I've had the BEST two days....mommy and daddy must have gotten tired of me whining [snicker] about wanting to sleep over with sissy. So they let me!!! Two nights in a row!!! We had so much fun, we played, we ate, we slept in a ball, we played, we ate, we slept in a ball....oh yeah, it was wonderful!

Then last night daddy made me come home...worse yet, mommy gave me a bath. Jeesh...don't they understand that I'm a DOG and I'm SUPPOSED to get muddy? Then daddy put my bug stuff on (he said something about fleece and tickles....). So now I can't play with my sissy for two days cause I can't have another bath.

The good thing is that it's COLD OUT THERE so I really don't mind being all curled up inside with mommy and daddy...where it's warm!

Sniffing and lickingly yours,


  1. Oh, it's time to remind Mom about the bug stuff for us too. Hope you get a new harness as pretty as mine. I knocked Scooter off the computer so I could talk to you this time.


  2. I think some of those pesky red ants bit me today! Guess I will have to let Mom check me over, hope that doesn't include a bath. Glad you had some fun times with your sissie! Lovies, Miss Mindy


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