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Friday, June 11, 2010

[While on our cruise to Alaska, I have pre-written a few blogs to keep you reading...I hope. LOL!]

When I was getting ready to RV alone, I wondered how many other single women RVers there were. In the first year I met many and I still follow the blogs of several.

I discovered that traveling solo was different for both men and women. We have to do it all...inside & outside, pink & blue chores. Initially it surprised me how tired I was on moving day. Then I realized it was because I had no one to help with all the duties.

Women do have a little more to think about...security is more of a concern for them. Many only travel in groups. Some have dogs to help, others just put a large food bowl & leash outside their rigs. A large pair of beat up work boots can work, too.

When I toured the country on my Harley in 2005 (42 states, 27k miles done solo), everyone told me how brave and adventurous I was. For me it was no big thing. I used common sense....if the back of my neck itched, I moved on. I didn't stay in fleabag hotels. Anything that made me feel uncomfortable got me moving. The same is true with RVing solo. Don't feel good about where you park, keep moving.

Here are some blogs from my intrepid solo traveling friends - some now are partnered, some are part-timers but all are RVers who weren't afraid to get out there and LIVE LIFE. Enjoy!
Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna & Stu


    1. Thanks for the link! Looking forward to reading about your Alaska adventures. And I'm sure you'll have great pictures, too!

    2. I love some of the "clues" left around! Creative thinking!

      Being alone, doing double duty, isn't much fun for the stationery, either. I still miss having someone at the other end of [fill in the blank].

      Hope you're enjoyi.... never mind, I know you are enjoying the cruise!

    3. I still think you are brave and adventurous!

    4. Donna, we will soon be presenting RV Maintenance Seminars for the RV Professor. . .they are discussing designing a program for women RV'ers. . .what type of topics would women be interested in as a solo RV'er that are not already discussed in general RV'ing Maintenance discussions?

    5. Hi Froggi,
      We met at the Escapade in Goshen in 2007. I've been following your travels for a long time and enjoy your blog. This is an invitation for you to check out another solo blog. http://travels-with-emma.blogspot.com

      I agree, doing all the jobs can be exhausting, but it's all worth it in the end.

      Safe travels....

    6. Donna, I am soooo enjoying following your adventures. And thank you for the solo female blog links. I hope to do the same soon, and love reading them! Bobbie


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