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Thursday, June 3, 2010

While we sit here and run errands, do housekeeping and pack for our Alaska cruise, I thought I'd blog about something different. Hobbies!

For us the hobbies right now are simple...motorcycles, reading and the Internet. We're active in Facebook (most of our extended family as well as many friends both motorcycling and RVing as well as school chums and former co-workers), I maintain several websites (some personal*, some for friends**) and general reference and surfing. We've tried geocaching and I think we will continue in that on a sporadic basis but don't see us getting seriously into it like some of our RVing friends.

When we ground ourselves, Stu will get back into more mechanical stuff - restoring old cars is top on his list. For me the only other hobby I have ever had is writing. I don't know if I will dabble in that again or not.

Many of our RV friends have hobbies...photography, wood carving, beading, 4-wheeling, jewelry making, recipe making (yes, that is a hobby...LOL!), quilting, birding, rock hounding, Volkswalking, geocaching, genealogy, writing, and more. Some folks are working while on the road...workampers, writers, computer professionals, story tellers to name a few.

Check out these blogs:

That is just a sampling. So why am I writing about hobbies? Well, I am in search of a hobby. I am not crafty...I can't sew, knit or crochet. I'm not mechanical...don't see me working on engines. My photography will stay at the personal level...I don't have the patience to learn the skills needed. I spent over 30 years as a computer professional...don't want to learn the newer things needed to continue in that. LOL!

I would love to find a hobby that might generate a little income. But being an RVer it can't take up much space. Nothing too physically demanding. Needs to be fun. So...got any ideas? LOL!

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna & Stu

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**Friend's Websites


  1. Good luck on the hobby search. I guess I don't have one either. I read and enjoy birding and Mike does the photography. Boy are we boring. We have enjoyed volunteering in the state park system a little. Maybe we could perfect napping....you know kinda make it into an art of its own. LOL.

    Take care and be safe!
    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  2. Give us a wave from the ship as you pass our house in Campbell River. We are right across from the Quadra Island Lighthouse. Have fun!!!!!

  3. Genealogy, cemetery walking, gosh I am so boring.

  4. What about a book detailing your travels, and information for wanna be RVers like yourself. You could include routes that are worth seeing, and tips on where to stay, eat, and play. Picking a good RV or camping site is always important to me, and there are good ones, and ones you want to avoid. You could make it like a log book. You have the computer and hopefully a word processor. You could even use your pics as examples, or find some from other sources. Your trip sounds like a trip of a lifetime, and you should share your knowledge in making known, for the RVers that have the fear of the unknown keeping them from the experience. And who knows, a publishing company, or travel book company might publish it, and if not, you will have a wonderful memory, that you have documented from your trip. It will make a great coffee table book, when you settle in one place, if you choose to. Just a thought.

  5. Donna, how about mail box repair? (No, I will not let you forget your first attempts at riding a motorcycle in a mobile home park in Pinellas County, Florida) LOL

  6. I can't sew or knit, either, but back in the 70s I found a pattern for crocheting string shopping bags. I could do those because they didn't require sticking to any type of gauge. :) I never turned it into a real business because I could never build up a stock. They sold wherever people saw me making them. That was a great hobby!

  7. I like the book idea mom- You could title it - "How to avoid Boomerang Kids aka the Art of Retiring Peacefully"


    Love ya!!!!

    ps - it would be FANTASTIC!!! and sounds very marketable, actually!!


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