Cruise to Alaska - Day Two - At Sea

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Day two of the cruise…we’re at sea and when we woke that was all we could see…was sea. LOL! (Sorry, couldn’t resist.) Breakfast at the buffet was in full swing when we arrived around 8:30. We couldn’t find a table and ended up sharing with a couple from Australia.

They were retired, sort of forced retirement after the husband’s stroke. He gets around very well, understands everything but still has trouble talking. We really enjoyed chatting with them and hope to see them again on the cruise.

After breakfast I took my Kindle and headed to the pool area to read a bit. It was cool…I lasted less than an hour and moved to the lounge area at the front of the boat. Ahh, nice view, quiet and comfortable chairs. I spent most of the morning there, moving back to the pool area around 11 so Stu could find me.

Lunch turned out to be as busy as breakfast and we ended up sharing our table with a couple from Ft. Lauderdale. Lunch was delicious (okay, everything has been delicious….LOL!) and we sat there for a while reading (the crowd had pretty much dispersed). The highlight of lunch was our first WHALE SIGHTING!!! We saw the fluke (tail), the head and the blowing. WOW!! Not real close to us but definitely visible. Tomorrow night we hope to see more and much closer to the ship.

After lunch I headed back out to read and Stu decided to take a nap. Several hours later we swapped…he read and I napped. LOL!

Dinner was formal tonight and once again our table for four couples was occupied by only three. Not sure if we will ever meet last two table-mates. Some folks end up opting for the casual anytime dining once they understand how it all works.

After dinner we headed back to the room to grab some shots of the sunset. Now mind you, it’s after 10 PM and the sun is just setting. We managed to snap a couple of good ones before we headed to the casino where we quickly dispensed with some cash.

We changed into comfortable closes and headed up to the lounge where I had been reading earlier in the day. There was music, comfortable seats and drinks. We chatted, watched the sunset and remarked that we hadn't seen another ship since leaving Seattle. In less then 15 minutes....yup, you guessed it. We saw another ship....a large cruise ship that appeared to be heading back towards Seattle.

We have to get up early in the morning. We arrive at Ketchikan, our first stop and our excursion leaves at 7:25 AM. We're doing Totem viewing and a lumberjack show. We'll also get in a little shopping and hit our first of three chances at a Harley-Davidson store. LOL!

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna & Stu

All the photos from day one and two are in our SmugMug album.

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  1. Beautiful sunset!! We haven't seen the sun set yet up here. LOL

    Debbie & Rod


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