Day Five: Icy Strait Point, Port Sophia AK

Friday, June 11, 2010

Big day today...we anchor at Icy Strait Point around 7 AM and will use tenders to get to the mainland. We'll be here until 7 PM tonight. Why is this a big day? Well, our excursion is a big first for me....
This ZipRider cable ride is the longest in the world at 5,330 feet. If you are looking for true adventure then this tour is for you.

Your experience begins with a narrated bus ride through the village of Hoonah and up the mountainside. After a short walk to the launching area, located 1,300 feet above sea level, load into our special harness seat and await your launch.

The ZipRider is six cables wide and six riders go at the same time, so it is a race to the bottom! Accelerating to 60 mph, pass through a wooded area. Soon after, the bottom drops out and you are 300 feet above ground. During this exhilarating 1.5-minute ride, enjoy sweeping views of Port Frederick, Icy Strait and your cruise ship. Your zip-ride ends with a gentle touchdown on the beach at the water's edge at Icy Strait Point. Your fellow cruisers (not as brave as you) will be at the landing zone to welcome you back.

Unlike anything you've experienced before, the ZipRider is truly a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.
I am excited, exhilarated, terrified and expect to return exhausted. LOL! Good thing we have two days to rest before our next excursion.

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna & Stu


  1. I think my adventurous spirit would enjoy the Scenic Drive more than the Ziprider experience.... but I know you'll love them both! Thanks for sharing. Be careful!

  2. What cruise line are you guys on. . .we have never had a tender in Alaska. . .interesting!


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