What a wonderful holiday!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving has come and gone....thus we are moving on. Oops, didn't mean to make that rhyme...LOL! We are headed back to Clearwater, FL area to get some service work done on the rig. at 9 am it was 39 degrees, another reason to move further south!

We spent Thanksgiving with my youngest daughter (Rose), her hubby (Billy) and three grandkids (ages 7, 6 and almost 3). We spent time playing Candyland, Sorry and Scattergories, watched several Christmas movies, and eating. The kids had fun with whipped cream on their noses while the adults had it on their pie. Could you ask for more? We spent Thanksgiving night there so we could babysit while Rose & Billy went Black Friday shopping. The kids did sleep in later than us, then they all chose to snuggle with Stu on the loveseat (see pic - more in the album at SmugMug).

Saturday night we opted to see the new movie "Four Christmases" and enjoy a dinner out. The movie was great (I never believe the critics...LOL!) and we saw previews of a couple more comedies that look good, "Mall Cop" with Kevin James and "Marley & Me" with Owen Wilson.

Sunday we took everyone to brunch at Cracker Barrel (packed but still good service & food) and then they came over to see our home. Rose was ready to stay but the kids had to go...LOL! Billy was trying to figure out how he could have a getaway RV, too. Gave us a giggle. As usual the grandkids loved it....the two older ones were ready to stay.

Sunday night was movie & popcorn, watching "Open Range" on DVD and just vegging out in preparation for leaving this morning. We will be on the road in the next hour or so, probably stopping in Unadilla, GA for the night.

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna & Stu


  1. Sounds like a really great Thanksgiving. We spent ours at the Christmas tree lot, getting trees ready to sell. That was fun, too.

  2. Oh Donna! I'm so very happy for you and Stu. ***waves at Stu also***
    The pics of your trips and family are wonderful. Love the ones of the grandkids! Just now catching up and really enjoyed reading how your path in life has taken you places all over and given you so much joy. You're living the life you dreamed of when you were cooped up in that office not so very long ago. I am so very proud to know you...


  3. I'm slow getting around to reading here (blush) but it sounds as if you had an awesome visit with your family. I'm trying to get back into better reading habits. I've been wondering who was reading my blog from Clearwater .... if I were up with you, I'd have know, huh? sigh.


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