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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

We're really enjoying out time here in Bushnell at the Sumter Oaks Escapees RV Park. Lots of little trips, just running around and enjoying the area. We've eaten out at local spots as well as Cracker Barrel, gone to the movies, met up with some friends here in the park, bought me a new iPhone, lost the lock/latch on the trike trunk, visited Wal-Mart, played 'Ho-Ho' (Secret Santa) here in the park, visited a trike dealer, enjoyed pie & ice cream (okay, so maybe more than once...LOL!), and lots more.

No, our service work hasn't been fact it the parts haven't been ordered and we're not on the schedule yet. Long's still in the works. But as life often shows us, things do happen for a reason. Turns out that Stu's mom was taken to the ER on Sunday, she's having some tests done today but due to memory loss her doctor has already determined that she should be moved into the assisted living side of her retirement center. If we had been on our way to TX as previously planned (thank goodness for plans set in JELLO), we would have been turning around and heading back.

So for now we are sitting here...we will deal with our service work as we can and we'll get Stu's mom settled. Looks like it will be Christmas in Florida with the Escapees instead of in Texas with the Escapees. We'll probably head out to Texas the day after Christmas...

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna & Stu


  1. Sorry to hear about Stu's mom, but glad you were there. Life has a way of putting us right where we need to be at times, doesn't it?

  2. We're in Aransas Pass, Texas. If you get close, give us a shout. We'd love to meet Stu and see you again. It's been too long.

  3. Don't be in to big a hurry to leave sunny Florida. We are FREEZING to death here in Dallas and the wind is something else...

  4. You are so right, everything for a reason. I'm glad you are there for Stu's mom at this time. For both her sake and for Stu's. Have a great first Christmas together!

  5. It's a good thing that you guys are still there.

  6. Lots of blogging and RVing friends are finding plans changing because of medical situations, their own or a loved one's. It is so good you had stayed in Florida. We haven't RVed there yet, wo we'll ask you to be our surrogate Florida winter snowbirds!

    Thanks for keeping us posted, and best wishes for Mom.


  7. Bushell area was a blast!!! We were in Lake Panasoffkee last winter. Loved the area, lots of riding. Just didn't like the humidity. Some days were better then others. Enjoy!!!


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