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Sunday, December 14, 2008

While we are staying put, I decided to catch up on a few chores. One of them was to prepare a tool kits for the bike. Donna and I use the bike to go to some fairly remote places and the tools could prove vital. The commercially made kits are somewhat pricey so we search around for a suitable canvas tool roll. I have plenty of hand tools, so I didn't need to buy an entire kit. Donna found one on the internet. I selected the tools and started to lay it all out. Storing everything was somewhat challenging. I came up with the idea to use gray plastic conduit to store all the various sockets, torx, hex etc. Caps placed on the ends prevent loss and allow the tubes to slide in and out of the tool roll. The entire package fits easily into the trike's trunk and still leave room for beer and rain gear.

While I was in the "Man Cave" (AKA the garage) we had some visitors. A rather noisy bunch, looking for a handout. Must have heard about the bailout and they were looking for their share. I've included a couple of pictures.

Until next time
Keep rolling...we certainly will be!
Stu & Donna


  1. NEAT! Not the tool kit, since I am as klutzy with that kind of tool as Nick claims to be, but the cranes! We are jinxed when it comes to seeing wildlife. Everyone around us in Alaska saw bears, reindeer, moose; we didn't. Everyone here in Arizona is out seeing special birds, coyotes, javelina; we never see them. We've never even seen a live armadillo!

    Glad you got to meet the cranes!

  2. I'm green with envy. Stuck here in the frozen north for the Winter cuz of my partner's recent diagnosis of cancer and need for treatment. But we'll be down South in the warm clime next winter!!!! Meanwhile, catch a ray for me!

  3. Using the conduit is way cool. I may copy that. If you get to Nashville, email me and I'll buy you both a beverage of choice.

  4. Nice birds. Do you know what they were?


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