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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

First I need to start off with a photo I took with my phone back in GA but forgot to ever post. My late husband lived in Marietta, GA for several years before we met. He always talked about "The Big Chicken". I saw it once when we lived in Atlanta.

When Stu and I were getting the truck tire fixed, guess what we passed...yup, the Big Chicken. I doubly enjoyed it because it was operational....the beak opened & closed and the eyes rolled. Gave me a giggle and I had to snap a photo of it.

Okay, back to FL...here is a local shot I took, we didn't go inside since we were headed out on errands but I just knew I wanted the photo...LOL!

We've been to a couple of movies since arriving here in Bushnell but the last one brought us to a really unique area...The Villages in Lady Lake....and the Rialto Theatre. Located at the back of the Spanish Springs Town Square, beside tents of various vendors & artisans which surround the nightly free entertainment. After our movie, Appaloosa, we walked around and decided we would be back. On the ride home we realized that this was just a very small portion of The Villages and from the website it looks like there are a lot of squares, not just this one. Here are some pics taken INSIDE the movie theater (which looks like you are outside, including a ceiling painted with blue sky & clouds). I took these with my iPhone so the quality isn't the best... ;-)

Here are a couple taken outside, looking down at the square (one of the major forms of transportation are "Golf Cars", actually tagged golf carts).

Yesterday we took off on an almost 200 mile ride, intending to hit 4 Harley dealers. Three were in the greater Orlando area, one was in Sanford and the last was in Leesburg. The first two Harley dealers were Orlando South and Orlando HD. Orlando South is close to the Disney area and a nice shop...larger than I thought it would be. The main Orlando store is the factory store (they own the Orlando South & Orlando East shops). We ate lunch at the main store and watched as the managers presented the toys & money collected this past weekend at their Toys for Tots run. The check was for $37,000....go bikers!!

From there we hit the East Orlando store (same old, same old...LOL!) and headed northerly to the Sanford shop, Seminole Harley. There we found some great bargains...including a 70% off rack of jackets (no, I didn't get one...yes, I was tempted). Stu found a new Hawaiian style shirt as well as a clock for the "man cave"....I got them for his birthday (today - 17th).

It was now almost dark and we knew the Leesburg store would be closed long before we got back so we just headed home, finding a Perkins to stop at for dinner and dessert. We got home about 9:30 last night...great day!

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna & Stu


  1. The Big Chicken is so famous that it even shows up on our GPS! And locals use it as a reference point: "Our store is one block north of the Big Chicken." :-)

  2. Hi, I posted a picture of the Big Chicken a few weeks ago, too! There is even a link to it:



  3. HI Lynn and Stu
    We are in Cleveland Ga. Great state Parks.
    We stayed at the Excapes in Bushnell for 2 years and then went to Ocala for a year. Silver Springs is a great place to spend a day. Tourist place but this time of year no one is there.
    Russ and Stuart

  4. That's one we missed! We'll hav e to get to Georgia one of these days. Thanks for the information!

  5. KFC is associated with some interesting signs. I think it has a lot to do with the way the early franchise was structured.

    In Portland, Oregon the franchise was held by a guy that had a small restaurant called "The Spot." Most of his subsequent restaurants were also called "The Spot" somewhere in the overall name.

    One place on 82nd Avenue had a HUGE Col. Sanders. Neon, it dominated the roof on which it sat. I haven't been in that area for decades, but it might still be there.

    Big Chicken. Cool!


  6. Yep, that the Big Chicken in May-rhetta, Jawja.


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