Last day of the year....wrapping up!

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Well, it looks like we will finally be leaving Florida and heading to Texas. Of course since our plans are set in Jell-O, we'll be taking a little side detour to North Carolina first. Why? Well, we've been debating getting a trailer to pull behind the motorcycle thus allowing us to do some overnight camping - longer trips - more sightseeing.

At first we thought we would get a little pop-up tent trailer, keeping these old bones off the ground. The more we thought about it, the less cost effective it seemed. It would take quite a few hotel nights to cover the initial cost. We finally decided it wasn't the best decision for us and switched our search over to a little cargo trailer. We could then either stay in a hotel or get a tent/sleeping bags and do the camping trick.

We'd looked at several in person and a lot more on-line. One of our criteria was the ability to stand it on end in the garage, the only way for us to store it. Many just wouldn't work that way, others were too long (thus tall in the garage), some were too heavy, some too expensive. Well, guess what...we found one that was just right and better yet, it was used (eBay) so the price was just right.

Stu had never bought something on eBay so I coached him a little in setting his bids - not too high and not too early. He got to enjoy watching the last two minutes to see if his high bid was out bid. Down to the wire we watched....and we won! The trailer is in New Bern, NC so from here we'll head north to pick it up and then on to Texas.

Since Christmas we have done more local riding, gone to the movies, visited Stu's mom, checked out some log home builders, and even watched a Florida gopher tortoise come across a field and into his/her burrow. Here are some links with more information about this Federally Protected fellow: Gopher Tortoise Facts, North Brevard Tortoise Page

Here are some random photos from our rides....just couldn't resist them. This area of central Florida is filled with huge oak trees covered with Spanish Moss. I love the arch effect they create on some of the back roads. I tend to forget to snap shots but this time I remembered.

And here are a couple of log homes we took photos of...just cause we like them. LOL! Also, a winding tree-lined drive we enjoyed.

We found a nice spot for both a shared snack of apple pie ala mode earlier in the day and decided to stop again for dinner. If you're ever in Dunellon, FL give it a try! Front Porch Restaurant & Pie Shop

We'll enjoy a quiet evening of wine & movies....toasting the passing of 2008 and the coming of 2009. We send our wishes for a better year ahead to all our family and friends. It's been a tough 2008 for many, including Stu.

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna & Stu


  1. Stu and Donna,... may 2009 be a good year for you both,.. be healthy and happy!

  2. Happy New Year to you guys! It's been quite a year for you.

  3. My tent is designed to fit in the back of my truck. I use an air bed and a foam top, and it is great.

    Some of the smaller family sized tents pack pretty small, and with a double thick air mattress you can stay comfortably up off of the ground.

    Have a great new year! Thanks for sharing the adventure.


  4. I still have my queen sized air mattress if you guys ever want it!!!

  5. Happy New Year! If your travel from New Bern to Texas takes you through Atlanta maybe we can meet at a Cracker Barrel.


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