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Monday, December 22, 2008

Off to get my $199 progressive glasses at my local Sears...don't have to go to Mexico this year! Good through 1/3/09 at any Sears Optical.

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna & Stu


  1. OMG, Donna, the next time you need a new pair of progressive lens, try zenni optical - they are fantastic!! My brother has used them for a couple of years and they are highly recommended by Clark Howard!!

    I got my new contacts and checked at the doctor's office to see how much it would be to use my current frames and have them just replace the progressive lens.....$440!!! OMG!!! So I decided to take a chance with the online site. I filled in all of my prescription info, picked out my lens, and even ordered a new frame, and because the price was so good, I paid an extra $29 for hingeless, rimless frame that I really price, including shipping and a pair of clip on sunglasses for the progressive glasses - $75!!

    I told my eye doctor that I was ordering them online and she said there is no way you can get progressive lens online.....WRONG....they came in and they are perfect!! The eye doctor couldn't believe it!!

    So, next time try

    Oh, and the delivery was about two weeks....mine actually arrived 4 days earlier than they said they would!!


  2. Donna,

    We went the Sears route last year. Hope it works better for you. After 10 days we got our glasses. . . neither DH's or mine had the bifocal in them. Back they went. Another 10 days, got them. . . This time they had my right eye prescription in DH's glasses and his right eye prescription in mine. Another 10 days later, we got them again. DH's were correct. . . mine just didn't seem right. Took them to the eye doctor and they found that my right eye prescription was totally wrong and had a prism in it. No wonder I couldn't see. I got my money back and went elsewhere. I am going to try zennioptical next time.


  3. I second the!! I got two pair, and hubby got one. They are great and very good quality. A true bargain. I heard about them on the Escapee forum originally. I know of not one person who had a problem.

  4. I used Sears for glasses many years ago. I'll spare you the details, but they screwed up pretty badly--I ended up with one acrylic lens, one polycarbonate lens, and rainbow fringes on everything seen through the latter. I got a refund and went elsewhere. Lately I've had my glasses made at Dior Optical in Palomas, Mexico, and I've been quite happy with them. But Zenni Optical sounds like a great alternative, especially for those not close to Mexico. Thanks to 'anonymous' for mentioning them!

  5. Guess I'm in the minority here...this will be my third pair of glasses from Sears. Hoping this pair will be okay. I thought about the online attempt but I'm one of those that has to try them on for size and looks. Sigh...


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