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Friday, December 26, 2008

When I went to take the Christmas potluck dinner photos off the camera, I found some older ones that I had forgotten about. So today will be a montage of photos and topics....LOL!

If you've followed our blog for a bit, you remember when we came back from Cancun and found ants swarming. We picked up some bug spray and boric acid powder and managed to get rid of them...but then again, this is Florida. Shortly after arriving here in Bushnell we had another swarm. Off to get the heavy duty stuff...Terro. That solved it for a while...then another swarm. More Terro and we treated all outside entrances with bug spray and boric acid powder followed by pet flea collars around all the axles. I did snap one shot so scroll quickly if ant photos make you itch. LOL!

Another day I when I went to sit outside to read for a while, I had to share the chair with this little critter. He decided to vacate rather than share.

Some of our time here has been spent catching on the little things that seem to collect on the TO DO list. I snapped a shot of Stu working underneath Big Red...

On an evening walk one night, we met a lady out walking her Dalmatian one evening and chatted for a bit. They had just arrived and had their motorcycle with them. Well, when we walked over to the community center for Christmas potluck dinner, their bike was parked out side. A truly unique vehicle, what starts out looking like a trike ends up as a combo trike/sidecar. The rear view is particularly unique, the trunk has a glass door and inside are a couple of marionettes that MOVE when the bike is moving. It's hysterical!

The potluck was great...about 100 or so folks attended, broken up into groupings on ten tables (based upon the original sign up sheets). We enjoyed chatting with the folks at our table and the bike folks happened to be one of them. Another couple was getting ready for a long cruise and the table hosts told a funny story about a wine tasting they were on. I only grabbed a couple of shots, we were too busy eating and socializing. The food was great and Stu's broccoli cheese salad was a hit.

When we got back we vegged a little, did some emails/phone calls/text messages and around 4:00 headed out for a ride. It was trying to rain but we managed to get in over 1.5 hr ride staying between the drops. We found some back roads we'd never been on and rode through a good portion of the Withlacoochee National Forest, even an area of packed dirt roads with no utilities on it. Since it was dusk we half expected to have a bear or deer pop out in front of us. Good or bad, they didn't. LOL!

We came back and watched a couple of movies and enjoyed the strawberry cheesecake we had bought at Denny's on Christmas eve. Yum!! All in all, a very nice Christmas...our first together.

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna & Stu


  1. I'm so glad you enjoyed your first Christmas together!

  2. Great "catch-up" post. I'm glad you are having so many good experiences.... well, OK, and a few "pesty" ones! Broccoli and cheese salad? That sounds good! Would he share the recipe? Please, huh? Pleeeeez???



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