Living in Limited Spaces

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Many think my quarters are tight but it works for me. I go into their 34-40+' rigs with 2-4 slides and feel like I'm in a house. I wouldn't want to share my rig since the space has been set up for me but I don't feel cramped.

There are many living in much smaller quarters than I. I've run into not just singles but couples full-timing in little Casita trailers (11-19'). This past spring at the RV Life on Wheels I met a couple who were planning on full-timing in a small Class B. Since then they have purchased their rig and hit the road. Today they posted photos of how they live in such tight quarters and I thought others might enjoy seeing it as well. Click here for the blog.

Till next time - keep on rollin',


  1. Too small for us too! George is a big man and in the smaller rigs he hits his head. Plus I like space to go from one end to the other without bumping into another. It is amazing that some couples can live in such a small space. More power to them! Jaimie

  2. We had a small RV years ago: VW campervan. The kids were smaller and we weren't full time. Today, without the kids, we've decided we are going to 'need' at least 40'.



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