Sunday, August 3, 2008

Yes, I know I promised to update you on the month of July and so far have only made it through the first week. But I currently have another priority in my life. Losing weight. LOTS of weight.

It all started a year ago when I bought this cute little Class C motorhome. Fell in love with her and she became my Lily Pad. She was SO spacious inside...lots of room to move around. When I got home I loaded up what I THOUGHT was 80% of my stuff (turned out to be more like 40%) and headed to the Escapade in Goshen, IN. While there, I got her weighed. Good to go...little heavy on the right side & the rear but not overweight at all.

I spent the next month moving the last items into the rig and took off, fat - dumb - happy. I added an auto-satellite dish to the roof, airbags, changed out the TV, got a new microwave, toilet & tires and added a full solar setup with SIX 12 volt batteries. Still fat, dumb & happy.

In March I attended the Tuscon RV Life on Wheels and opted to get weighed again. Truth be told, I DIDN'T want to get weighed but Rick Lang from RVSEF convinced me that even though I knew I was fat, dumb & happy, I needed to find out by how much. LOL! Oh boy, what a shocker. My right side was still heavy but not as much as I expected since I had done a little work in moving weight to the left side after the initial weighing. My overall weight was about 700# over but the scary thing was the rear was about 1200# over while the front was light.

So, a lot of the month I spent in Tucson was occupied with getting rid of STUFF. At least three totes of clothes were cleaned out, lots of miscellaneous stuff, and I was feeling good. I felt I had made great strides towards losing weight in the rear and smaller strides towards moving the weight to the front (hey, I DID move my firesafe to the passenger's heavy!). Once again, fat - dumb - happy.

Fast forward to July and the Escapade and I once again get weighted. I knew I had way too much paperwork in totes so I moved all that to the car. I already had my lounger in the car as well as the duffels with all my motorcycle gear. I thought I was good to go! (Needless to say I hadn't factored in the new spare propane tank and gas grill stored in the back of the rig....gulp!)

I was still fat but not dumb and NOT happy. I had only managed to lose 100# overall. That seemed impossible but the scales don't lie. My rear was still over and the front under but the ratio was better....a little. This meant I really needed to buckle down and tackle all my STUFF.

Because there isn't a thrift shop in the small town of White Sulphur Springs, I wasn't sure what I would do with it all. Several things have happened as I have tackled the de-stuffing of the Lily Pad. First, my middle daughter called and proudly told me she had lost weight...okay, goodly portion of clothing clean out goes to her.

Then the campground owner told me the local high school was doing a garage sale fund raiser the middle of August. Phew! So whatever the other workampers don't' nab (and they have been VERY helpful in reducing the pile outside my RV) will go to the high school kids. (Well, except for a few things listed on eBay.... )

THAT is where the deadline comes in....I need to be done before this week is out. Thus every spare minute has been taken up with sorting out STUFF. I still have several areas to tackle but the storage bins are done as well as the kitchen, bathroom and 85% of the bedroom.

Just so you know I am still taking time to is a progression of the sunset view we had last night after some major storms in the area. It finally got too dark for a good photo (my best camera is in for warranty repairs) but believe me, the sky looked like it was on fire. Gorgeous!

Till next time - keep on rollin',

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  1. Good luck on your weight loss project.

    Beautiful sunset pix!! I love Montanta!!


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