Stu: Happy Birthday USA & a New Journey

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Birthday USA & a New Journey
Jul 4, 2008

The 4th of July was spent celebrating with fellow SOLOS at a cookout while waiting for fireworks. My time bounced from eating, drinking and enjoying Donna's company. It was obvious to both of us that there was more then fireworks in the air. We met a local Gillette guy, a fellow biker. He asked if I wanted to go riding the next day, I said yes and invited Donna to go as well...she agreed and the next day we were off to Sheridan WY and the surrounding area. The scenery was absolutely breathtaking.

To make a long story short and avoid any redundancy, Donna and I decided to join forces and travel together. We have traveled Yellowstone, Butte MT and other areas around Montana. We have much in common and love to explore. We will travel the East Coast and catch up with friends and family. Our next moves will be out west via a southern route...then who knows.

Donna is somewhat of a "Zen Blog Master"...She has started a new blog for us at: 2 Taking a 5th. She will be the primary author and I will chime in from time to time. This Journal will stay up for about 6-8 months and then be archived. I will email you from time to time when we do can also subscribe via a reader program..such as google reader . If you need help with any of it, email me and I will help you through it.

Please take a minute and visit the new site, there are other links to Donna's other sites as well...I think you will find her story interesting...she is quite an adventurous lady.



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