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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Wanted to pass along a warning I read in the RVTravel.com newsletter today. Seems like both Washington and California have new cell phone laws that went into effect on July 1st. Both now require headsets when using a cell phone and driving. New York has had this in place for many years now. Wonder who will be next?

The weather has been pretty nice so far....it was in the mid to upper 70's this weekend with lows in the 40's. The week warmed up but the nights stayed cool. Then the evening rains started...and since the W in Wyoming stands for Wind...we had that as well. In fact Tuesday night I was in bed when it started and my first thought was, "Hmmmm, if my rig were to tip over is this how I would want to be dressed?" LOL!! Last night I was still dressed when it hit....heavy, heavy winds but they do seem to move through quickly.

Our first SOLOS BOF Social Hour was marked by a member announcing that her cat got loose and she was offering a reward. Tonight the highlight of the SOLOS BOF Social Hour was that member announcing that her cat returned home late last night.

From my seat on the sofa I get to watch everyone walking their dogs. So far I've seen at least two Great Danes, a large Greyhound, several Doxies, lots of Yorkies & Yorkie mixes, a couple of Bassett Hounds, but the most commonly seen dog has been the Schnauzer. The one in the rig across from me makes me giggle every time he goes out for a walk. He prances.....really prances. Reminds me of the gait seen in a Tennessee Walking Horse. He just looks so proud as he prances on his way. I like the temperment of the Schnauzers I've been around...but I wouldn't want to deal with the grooming. I'll get my pet fix from others....LOL!

Till next time - keep on rollin',

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  1. Congratulations on your workamping job! I'm looking forward to your reports. Sounds like fun! My rescue Schnauzer is a definite prancer! She is a happy girl.

    See you down the road,


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