Four days later...

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Wow, from not much to post about to four PACKED days....since I'm tired and the days are going to continue to be even MORE hectic, I'll try for a synopsis and a few photos. Then I probably won't be blogging again until I hit Billings on July 8th (you'll find out why below....LOL!).

What could be better than four days of meeting old friends, making new friends, sharing experiences past and present, relaxing and watching the flow & interactions of the people who share the same passion - RVing, chatting with vendors and, of course, buying those necessities and toadily non-essential items, attending sessions on a wide range of topics.

Since I am now a SkyMed rep, I sat with the rep at the show and attended his seminar. (Thank you Tom for ALL your are a class act!) I have done yoga two mornings (slept in today) and will again tomorrow. I really enjoyed it and plan to figure out a way to continue it as I travel. The craft show today showed how many talented people there are in the RVing world. Some beautiful jewelry but I quickly bypassed that since I rarely wear anything more than my standard items. I did pick up a plastic canvas/yarn item, in fact two of them. They are little holders for paper & pen to suck up outside the RV for when you're out and have visitors. Been looking for something like that...

I wish I could report on the evening activities but I've been too exhausted at the end of the day and haven't stayed. I've gone to two Social Hours with the SOLOS and got their newsletter done, approved & published. Tonight I went to the Social Hour for the DOVEs (Disaster Operations Volunteer Escapees) which was held after their informational session. Then I ran over to the Social Hour for the Elks BOF, ran back to the SOLOS for a bit and finally went to the pot luck dinner with the Full-Time Graduating Class of 2007. Phew! No wonder I'm tired....LOL!

Last item of note, I was so impressed with the DOVEs that I joined the BOF and signed up for training this weekend. So on Saturday, Sunday and Monday I will be in training classes from 8am to 10 pm. The late hour classes are for their computer technology training...not required for basic level but since it's my area of expertise and the training is available, I figured I should grab it.

Here are a few photos....

Till next time - keep on rollin',

PS. Reminder, I will probably NOT blog again until the night of 7/8 but I will try to check the SHOUT box.


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